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Sorry, when I saw that it isn’t working, I decided to delete it.


oh oke hope next time it will help!!! :slight_smile:


OK thanks for the help!


I want to let a girl, pull up her leg while kissing around the guys waist.

Ive got a leg overlay but what then? Whatever I do, I don’t get it right. :roll_eyes:


How do I change characters hair just for a scene ?


How long should one episode be, I am at 305 lines in Episode 1


You need atleast 400 lines of dialogue. I believe a 10 minute episode (a good time for episodes to last) is atleast 1000 lines long


Thank you!


No problem :grin:


Hi! Is there any way to speed up the animations in limelight?

The animation I’d like to speed up is the reach_kneel-neutral animation. Is that possible?


Hello! Well, I have annoying problem.
Im new as writer, so its so hard for me right now.
I write script, and when i want to write this:

(Wait! What’s going on? Where am I?)

Script error occur… 'Expected character or scene change. Found “(Wait! What’s going on? Where am I?)” instead. Did you forget to CAPITALIZE the name, or close the () around the animation?

Can somebody explain me, how can i fix it?


If name is your character’s script name, take it out of the brackets.



There can’t be @NAME before dialogue it should be
( What ever you want the charter to say)


Oh, thank you so much!
And one more, when I add script to create character I have to replace LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR with my characters name.

*&LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR enters from left to screen center

label female_custom_1

@zoom reset
@LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR starts think_rubchin

Then I should change LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR with NAME or sth like YOU?


Yes or your character won’t change you need to use the characters name you want


Hey guys! I have a question. I want to add pictures to my art cataloge but I have no idea how to do that. Does anybody know??


Go to art catalog. Choose background or overlay then select from the drop down, uploaded to your account then upload from there. Backgrounds must be JPEG and minimum of 1136x640 pixels and overlays must be PNG and no larger than 1MB :slight_smile:


Hi. I have been trying to write using the spotlight mode for some time and can’t seem to figure out how to make characters hug or kiss since spotlight tends to show one character at a time. I’ve seen other stories with 2 characters appearing together, but how do I do it?


If you’ve made your story strictly spotlight, you can’t.


If a few stories, I’ve seen - in order to introduce/emphasize a character - people make the background darken (not completely, but enough to really make you only focus on the character), while said character is completely unaffected by the color change. How to do??