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So what are all the items available on Overlay?


Oh man. That’s just sad. Thanks anyway :smile:


yw! what u can do is make a story cinematic, then use a code to make it spotlight which u can find on forums


Hey, I just wanted to ask a question.

I am making a limelight story on Episode Interactive.
I am making my character sing on the microphone but to be able to do that I have to give her a prop.
The prop I want to give her is a microphone because I want her to sing. Do you have any ideas on what I could let her sing with a microphone?

sorry if this doesn’t make any sense.

Please Help…


I have two questions:

  1. I’m having trouble getting 2 people to kiss… Could someone send me a picture of an example script?

  2. How do you get a character to stand behind the counter of a coffee shop?


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@KELLY spot 1.082 142 100 in zone 1 at layer 0 AND LUCA is kiss_passionate_loop_rear AND LUCA faces right AND KELLY is kiss_passionate_loop AND LUCA spot 1.105 207 90
This will make them like this in the script

For a character to be behind the counter you would need to make sure the counter is an overlay and then change the layer of the overlay so that a person can be behind it


Thanks so much! Do this kissing scene also work for limelight?


Yes just need to change the kissing animation


Okay but I just tried and only one of the characters (Luca) is kissing and the other one isn’t on screen it disappeared…
Do you have any idea of what my be the problem?
Sorry to bother you but I’m not very experienced in Episode :slight_smile:


It’s won’t show if your using a different zone then zone 1 you would have to change the zone to the one you are using


How can I get the different backgrounds then what episode provides? I have seen them alot in different stories and I would like to use them as well!


I will definitely do this next time a write a story. Thank you!

You can upload a background. They can't be copyrighted.

How to add art scenes

Wow it worked!
Thanks so much you’re a life saver!!!

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Anytime :blush:


Hey people, I am new here, and I need help on a few things. First of all, when I put my cover photo on the cover of my story, the cover photo does not change. It still shows the first one, wich is a cover about the theme of the story, like romancee, horror and stuff… What do I do wrong? Please help, sorry for bad english. I hope you understand. :confused:


If you put a new cover it will not show up until you update your story, easier said it will not show until you post another Episode.


Hello everyone! Does somebody know how to put a character “behind a background”?
For example if you have the background INT. GUARD DESK - DAY, is there some way to put the character behind the desk. So that it looks like it is standing behind this desk? Can somebody please tell me?


If you want the character to stand behind the desk you have to use an overlay.

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Ok. Thank you! :hearts:

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