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Hi. I really want to know, how can my character have a guitar?

Hey. It’s an animation. So for example:
@CHARACTER is idle_guitar

there might be a problem with your portal or app. try turning your laptop off or reopening the app. if not it might be your phone’s volume that has issues, mine has stopped working when i had this issue previously. hope this helped :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh thank you so much. So it’s not about to show when I publish my story with the classic 3 episodes, it’s about to show when I update it with ep 4 ,5,6 etc. ? Sorry if I confuse you :sweat::sweat:

Did you publish already the first 3 episodes or didn’t you publish anything?

I didn’t but I am about to

Then your cover should change as soon as you publish your episodes

It should show up when you post your next episode.

@SPENCER is think

&TYLER spot 0.677 426 50

@TYLER walks to spot 0.713 264 44 in 3 AND TYLER is walk_sad

&TYLER is idle_sad

    SPENCER (talk_handsonhips)
Hey buddy, where's your mommy?

@pause for a beat

@SPENCER is think

@TYLER is cry_weep

@SPENCER is deepbreath

    SPENCER (talk_sad_clutch)
Tyler buddy come on don't cry everything is okay.

@SPENCER is idle_kneel

    SPENCER (talk_sad)
Come give me a hug buddy.

&zoom on 291 0 to 198% in 1

Okay so I have this scene set up and when it gets to @SPENCER is idle_kneel it doesn’t move on instead it goes all the way back to Spencer (talk_sad_clutch) Tyler buddy come on don’t cry everything is okay and this it just stops…Like you can’t click to get it to try again you have to hit preview again. I have tried exiting out, maybe there is something I am miss? It’s never done this before.

Hey! Maybe try:
@SPENCER starts idle_kneel
&SPENCER is idle_kneel
I haven’t seen anything like this before but I hope it helps <3

I got it to work lol I put a talk after I wanted him to kneel down and it made him jump back up. I got it all worked out though thank you.

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yeah i think i have a problem with the app. Because this issue also happening to other story, or at least pitch perfect because i only read that in the moment. I need to close the app in order the music to appear. But when i got into new chapter (especially after ads) the music was gone again! this is really annoying

Hey guysss,

I have a question! I want to write about a girl who talks to her dead parents,
but I want them to really look dead. I saw a video where they said i should make
an overlay of my background. But thats not working.

Are there any other ways to make them look like ghosts?


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Hey there! You can take a look at this thread maybe it can help!

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Thank you!

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Thank you!:smile:

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No problem :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi again…
How do I get Jessica to stand in front of the counter?

You would need to put her in a closer layer so it would be something like @Jessica spot 1.280 260 0 in zone 1 at layer 3 or which ever zone you are in

She’s still standing behind it… I dont understand how I could get her in front of it.
Do you have any idea of why its not working?
Sorry again