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Im starting my first story but im having trouble with getting my characters onto the screen with the directing commands wondering if anyone could explain it to me please

Okay if you would like the character to enter a scene, it should look something like this…

@CHARACTER enters from left/right to screen left

The positions you can choose your character to walk to is:
Screen left
Upscreen left
Screen center
Upscreen right
Screen right

If you want your character to already stand somewhere in your background it should look something like this…

@CHARACTER stands screen left in zone # AND CHARACTER faces left/right

There are also something that is called spot directing which can make your character walk/stand exactly where you want it to be, but that’s more complicated, but if you want to i can explain it! :relaxed:

I hope this made sense and that it helped! And please if you have more questions feel free to ask me! :relaxed:

Thank you

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No problem! :relaxed:

Is spot directing better im little curious

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It depends on what scene you are doing, but i personally think that spot directing is better when you have scenes with 3 or more people in them.

Would it be hard to learn it for a beginner writer as i will have alot of parts with 3 or more characters

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No spot directing is actually not as hard as it seems it’s just that it’s more numbers in it.

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Would have fighting, school,club scenes etc
Would you be able to explain on how to do it if you not busy or later when your free please

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Of course, i am happy to help!
To know what numbers you have to write down you…

  1. After you have clicked on the preview button it will appear other buttons on the “preview screen”. There you have to click on Directing Helper.

  2. After you clicked on Directing Helper you have to click on Spot Helper.

  3. When you are there you choose which character you want to move.

  4. Then you move it to the place you want it to stand and then the scale of the character (which you do when you click on the Switch tool: Move/scale)

  5. After you have choosen their position it will appear numbers below the “preview screen”, it will look something like this, @CHARACTER spot NUMBERS

  6. When the numbers have appeared you copy it and paste it into your script.

If you want your character to do an animation while standing in the spot it should look something like this:


If you want the character in a specific zone you’ll just add in zone # after the spot numbers.

If my description was in some way confusing you can watch this video:

I hope this helped! :relaxed: And if you have any more questions or if your script gets an error feel free to ask me! :relaxed:

Thank you so much

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No problem! :relaxed:

I’m having trouble accessing the new chapter in some of my stories, how do I access them?

A published story can’t be deleted but you can edit it anyway and upload it with changes

Does anybody know if the if/elif/else coding be used to remember more than 3 choices?

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It should be able to, but I wouldn’t know (I haven’t done that yet! :joy:) @LiyahxWrites can you help?

Yes it could be.

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Yay! I got something right!

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This how you would do it.


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