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well first off all it looks kind of messy maybe try something like
VICKY (talk_hold_cupcake)
Do you want to customize her?
“No I’m good”{
You look good!
}“Yes I’d like to customize me”{
goto female_cc
label female_cc



#you’re story

what is you’re error?

I used that before, it didn’t work for me.

this one?

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Thank you, I’m kind of new at this and English is a bit complicated to me😅

no problem!

Hi, I have a questionn, so I wanna write a good story on my ipad. But what frustrating me is that i only can make the caracters in classic mode… do you guys know if this maybe can get changed? ):

I’m going to try this out. Thank you :innocent:

how do you write on the website or in the app?

so with the code i ut i shouuld be able to press the 1 on the keypad and it should lit up then go back to the label but it does the opposite so i cant click on anything

How to make a character talk while they are exiting or entering a scene? I’ve seen this happen in many stories.

&CHARACTER walks to spot x y z in S AND CHARACTER does it while walk_talk_happy
dialog here

The & will allow the character to do the walking animation while there is dialog. Since you have the character already (walk_talk_happy) you won’t need to put an animation next to their name :blush:

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Okay, thank you so much!

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Can someone please help me figure this out?
I want my camera to pan to all the zones and with characters already in them. But when the camera goes from e.g. zones 1 to zone 2 the characters will just suddenly pop up and not already be in the zone.

try placing the characters in their scene placements using & and then pan to the other zones

&CHARACTER1 stands screen center in zone 1
&CHARACTER2 stands screen center in zone 2
&cut to zone 1 AND zoom reset
@transition fade in black in 2
@pan to zone 2

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yeah so what I do is something like this
INT. FOREST with FOREST at layer 2
&zoom reset
&overlay 4558641901338624_FOREST shifts to -20 -13
&overlay 4558641901338624_FOREST scales to 4.996 4.996
&overlay FOREST opacity 0.5
&TIARA2 spot 1.280 115 23
&EMMETT spot 1.280 192 29
&EMMETT faces left
&TIARA2 faces right
&CHARLES stands screen center
@transistion fade in black

this will not show that

Heyya so in the script, I added 1 tappable overlay, I want the reader to tap on the overlay to continue but I tried tapping on the screen not on the overlay but still continued.

How can I do the thing where readers only have to tap on the overlay to continue but if top on the screen it doesn’t continue?

@GERTRUDE walks to spot 0.783 104 201 in 1.5 AND GERTRUDE does it while walk_trudge THEN GERTRUDE is take_item_grateful
&overlay PHONE FRONT clear AND GERTRUDE is idle_read_phone_neutral
@pause for 1
@GERTRUDE is text_phone_neutral_loop
music music_tensebeat_lp
volume music 80 8000
@pause for 1.4
        GERTRUDE (think)
    (I might be in the lockscreen, but who the hell is this girl?)
set format cinematic
&overlay MENU create
&overlay MENU shifts to 17 -43 in zone 1
&overlay MENU scales to 0.881 0.881
&overlay MENU opacity 1 in 0

tappable "MENU" {

goto label texting


label texting
set format phonetext
    | bold , color:white | Tue 11:30 P.M
    Hey cutie ;)
    Heyy u xx

thank you so much!

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no problem ! (: