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The white dashed lines around the overlay, how big is it when you have scaled your overlay?

I actually don’t know but I’ll just send an ss of the overlay in the previewer

The black button on the phone
original size is
scales to 0.881 0.881
shifts to 17 -43 in zone 1
But I’ll just make the overlay bigger so that you can see what I’m pointing to

(yes I did put it on her face so that it is more noticeable.


Uhm… I don´t know how to let the player choose between if the character should like girls or boys. I don´t even know if I´m even commenting something right now ;-;

please help me someone. I am dumb and can´t speak english lfhjzlssnxmv

Welcome to the forums :grin: here’s a template on how to do this :+1:

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You can watch Joseph Evans tutorial on Youtube :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

Thanks Samaira, I’ll watch that.

I need your help guys, how can I make a code that replays the chapter, like the bad boy bachelor but instead I want when the player choose the wrong choice it immediately replays.
but If they choose the right choice the chapter continues.
How to do that?

I’m very new here and have problems with placing my characters. When they speak they never have bodies, they are just heads like if they where talking though a phone. I know how to direct it, I even copied it from the guide, but I still get errors.
@YOU stands screen center in zone 3

@Lisa stands screen center in zone 1

Any ideas what I did wrong?

What does the error say? Btw names need to be written like this: BECCA

When you started your story I think you might have clicked spot light format instead of full body cinematic :grimacing: you will have to start a brand new story or at the beginning of your episode/script, you will need to put set format cinematic. But you’ll need to do that for every episode.

You need to use labels :blush: example -

label your_label_name_here
Pick one.
“Option 1”{
Wrong answer!
goto your_label_name_here
“Option 2”{
Correct answer!
goto continue_story

label continue_story
The story continues here.

My character keeps walking backward!! Can somebody please help me?


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RACHAEL (talk_gossip)

#beat ends
#beat starts
“Only if you promise to not diss my work” {
#beat ends
#beat starts

    RACHAEL (talk_neutral)
Okay. I promise

Where’s the error on my script

You need a } on line 211 to close this choice

How can I make the characters look forward when they walk rear? Is it even possible?

You can make a character walk facing a particular direction. But if you’re using a rear animation then you can’t make them face forward too.