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Okay, then I know! Thanks for quick reply!

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I tried it but it didn’t work, I’ll show you what I wrote and tell me what’s wrong

lable my_lable_name

Choose the right answer

choice “option1” {

This is the wrong answer
goto my_lable_name
“option2!” {

this is the right answer
goto continue_story

lable continue_story

*When I press save It says (did you forget to capitalize the first word in the sentence)

Hi, i have a little problem…

You need NARRATOR before the dialog-
This is the wrong answer.

This is the right answer.

Move the @speechbubble line to before VICKY speaks and delete the empty lines (73&74)
Also. Is “Yeah” the only choice? If there is a “No” option, format it like this-
VICKY (talk_hold_microphone)
Do you want to customise her?
Let’s show some beauty.
goto female_custom1
Ok, on with the story.
goto story_continue

label female_custom1
Script here for customisation. At the very end put goto story_continue

label story_continue
Your story here

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Oh sorry I used this I forgot to tell you, but instead of writing NARRATOR I wrote the name of my character.
So any idea of why this is happening?
(Sorry for bothering you)

It’s okay … here to help :blush:
You need to capitalise the T -
This is the right answer
After option 2

The error from here, as you can see from the pic.

Change lable into label. It’s only a spelling mistake.

OMG I’M SO STUPID!!! :anguished:
Thank you so much both of you :heart:

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thanks. It worked!:smile:

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Hello, was wondering if anybody could help me with a simple choice code please.
I want to have a “previously on” type recap at the beginning of an episode but I want it to be a choice if that makes sense?
Like “yes i would like to see it” and “no thanks” type.
Thanks in advance!

        Do You Want A Recap Of Episode #?
    "Yes" {
    #recap here 


    On with the story!


Thank you so much!! You have no idea how much this helped, thank you!!! x

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is it possible to put more than one overlay?
And if it’s possible how to do it?

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Hi I need help. After a choice, in the curly bracket thing I want to put a goto and an emotion so that the character reacts but also goes to the label and i have no idea how to do that

Look at the highlighted line, i don’t know how to do this. If anyone understands me plz reply , I could reaalllyy use your help.

Maybe your mistake is on line 3509, the word enters is set twice

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Thank you i didn’t see that

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Hey guys! I have a problem with the fade in animation.
If I put it before the spot directing it fades without the characters.

Scrip picture

But if I put it after it makes the spot directing and only then the fades in out of nowhere.

Scrip picture

On the other hand, when I try to make it all at the same time it just says there’s an error.

Scrip picture

Can someone please help me? I have no idea of how I should fix this.
Thanks for you time and future answers