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Second picture is correct, just put & instead of @ and keep @transition fade in black
When you set your scene, always use the & to cut to zone zoom reset CHAR spot overlay shifts to etc and then the last thing will be the transition. It’s a good habit to get into.

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It works! Thank you so much. I’m definitely start doing that. Thanks again :heart:

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Hello, please tell me what am I doing wrong?

The problem on line 1470 is that you can’t start with And. Use the &

Thank you!

Hey, how can my story pan from one zone to another and show the character the same time?

@follow CHARACTER to screen center in zone 3


Hey i um need help with my profile avatar… Does anyone know how to add tattoo or something like that? I tried to find youtube videos of it but there wasn’t any :frowning_face: And I’m sorry that i asked this in here but i didn’t find any conversations about this kind of stuff… aaaaand I’m sorry for my bad english its not my first language… :confused:

You mean on the app? They’re currently unavailable. Only limited features are on the app.
Welcome to the forums :blush:

oh okay… i was just wondering is there any chance i could get tattoo? Like ANY chance?

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It’s not possible unless you’re an expert hacker :smile: but you can like and support the thread below for an updated profile avatar :wink:

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yyyyeeesss i will!:joy::grin: And thanks for your help :):blush:

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part 2 because the other one is too crowded for me lols :rofl:
ask any questions you have here and someone will answer them.
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happy helping! idk lmao

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Can you help out description Vague Romance

do you have good idea

wdym? aha

Description Romance

Hey, my name is Alex, I’m new in the forum.
So, this is my question:
If I want the character’s mother to say his name but I want the ppl who playing this to write thier names, what should I write in the mother bubble?

Hi welcome to the forums! :smiley:
So say you have the MC’s nickname in script as ‘NAME’, you will want to put something like this
MOTHER (talk_happy)
[NAME], how was your day?

Hope this helped <3