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I am doing a story on ADHD, but the Episode app sees the ADHD spelling as a grammar error.

It doesn’t matter, you can publish with spelling errors :slight_smile:

I’m writing stories on mobile and some of them are rubbish. How do I delete some?

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You must go onto the online writing portal and delete it.

Hi, I am very new to the episode world and I would like to create my first story. I understand that doing so on the mobile device is not only tedious, but also limiting. I’ve read somewhere that you can do it online on a lap top, but I don’t know how. What application do I need to download?

You’d go to:

And sign in with your email account.

hey guys, another question. i’m having a problem with my overlays. I read the guide and you can actually “summon” overlay by just write @overlay SOMETHING creates but i tried to do it, it doesn’t work. it only work when you use INT. BLACK - NIGHT with OVERLAY . can someone help me out? or maybe you have other ways to summon more than one overlay? I use custom overlay anyway. thanks before.

@overlay OVERLAYNAME create
@overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to x y in zone #
@overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to % % in S
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0
@overlay OVERLAYNAME moves to layer #

Overlays won’t work on INT. BLACK backgrounds.

You could also put the following

INT. BACKGROUND with OVERLAYNAME to % x y in zone # at layer #
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0

You can add as many overlays to a scene as you want. Just repeat either of the above :slight_smile:

yeah i do exactly like that but my only problem is that when i use @overlay OVERLAYNAME create command it never work. my overlay does not pop out. does the name can’t have space? like for example BULLET HOLE to BULLETHOLE? this problem really pissing me off because i use lots of overlay :sob:

It should be exactly how you name it when you upload the overlay into the portal. Have you specified the zone for it to be in? @overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to x y in zone #
And make sure you’re in the zone you have put on the command. Also try testing on your phone app in case it is a glitch on the portal

yeah i’ve double checked everything.

this is how i write it:
@overlay CHAPGF create
@overlay CHAPGF shifts to 31 225
@overlay CHAPGF scales to 0.427 0.427

and this is my overlay:

@overlay CHAPGF create
@overlay CHAPGF shifts to 31 225 in zone #
@overlay CHAPGF scales to 0.427 0.427
@overlay CHAPGF opacity 1 in 0

When you click on the overlay helper does the overlay name appear underneath the preview screen or on mobile it will be bottom left of your screen

I have a question
I want to know how you get your characters sitting on limelight
I know how to do them laying down but I can not figure out how to get them sitting
Any help would be so appreciated

There are have animations for those.
Like sit_natural, lay_asleep or something like that(I don’t really know the correct name :woman_shrugging:)
You can preview all the animation in art catalog> animations at the writer portal

I do not know how you put them in the right place
As you do not get position coordinates/numbers
I’m trying to get them to sit on the chairs on the background

Check out this thread to get familiar with spot directing :slight_smile:

Hi. SO In my story, the reader can add their name to the story. I have the coding for that down. My question is how do I get other characters to say their name? SO if I put in my name Ash in, how do I get my character Cameron to say my name?

You add in the answer portion of your code in brackets.

If the answer is FIRSTNAME, then you would add FIRSTNAME in brackets:

Hey, [FIRSTNAME], how are you?

how do i make my speech bubble for a certain character as if they are narrating and not speaking or thinking

I have a another question I did the what’s your name thing
But I tried getting another charecter to say that persons chosen name and it won’t do it . It won’t come up on the speach bubble either