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SUSAN (talk_neutral)
Hi, [NAME] you look great.

The NAME would be whatever code you’ve used.

Also try on the app. Web preview won’t work for typed choices :slight_smile:

You use AND

@uses a beat (Aka a second) whereas & does this instantly…

&Character1 enters from side to position AND CHARACTER2 (no @ or & in the rest on the names…) enters from… All on the same line.

How does that animations called? (when the character gets up from squat)

I know I can pan through a background via @pan to zone 2 in 0.5 and similar.

However, I don’t always want to pan through entire zones. Sometimes I want the background to move just a little bit, to merely ‘nudge’ the background slightly. Is this possible?

stand_up for ink. Not sure for limelight. Think it’s transition command

How do you mean? In the same zone? You can just zoom. You can zoom left/right as well as in/out :slight_smile:

Probably should add that I work in Spotlight, don’t judge me.

Can you explain? what is this error? error

Can you screen shot your script where the error is? Or DM to me

Post your script so we can see the error. :slight_smile:

I keep getting the error “bodyTypes”. There isn’t really any clarification to it, it won’t show me where the mistake lies when I click on the error and I’ve searched everywhere for answers but couldn’t find anything.

Can you show a screenshot of your script with an error?

Thank You!

I’m a new episode author and in one of the sentences the author(me) says I have my actual name in it but it says there is an error. How can I fix that?

I’m not sure I understand, can I see your script please

Is it possible to create timed choices? As in, choices with a timer, and the player must select a choice within the time limit? Otherwise one of the choices is automatically chosen, and the auto-chosen choice is usually the worst one. Is this a thing in Episode?


choice [timed:the # of seconds you want, the default is 15]
"option 1" {
"option 2" {

As Cynthia has explained above :point_up: When the timer runs out and they’ve not chosen a choice, it automatically goes to the last choice. If that’s your intention, make the last choice the worst :slight_smile: