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Thank you! I want to make things such that if the timer runs out, the game moves onto a scene that is not any of the options presented?

I have searched the forums but could not find anything about it.


I don’t think it is possible, but if it is I don’t know how to do it :grimacing: sorry!


It’s okay!

Is it possible to use custom portraits in Spotlight, and if so, how? Custom portraits as in uploading my own images to replace the characters given by the creator.

This illustrates what I want, but it’s just a fan photoshop.

In addition, is there a way to change the color of clothing in any of the styles (Limelight, Ink, etc)?


for timer, you can use overlays for example

You can draw/paint your own characters if you want and upload them as an overlays :slight_smile: and no you can’t recolor clothes in any style


Hi… Do you know how to put more then 1 overlay in a scene


INT. BACKGROUND NAME - DAY with OVERLAYNAME in zone # with OVERLAYNAME to % x y in zone # with OVERLAY2NAME at layer #

do what you normally do for one overlay twice.

or you can use the overlay create command multiple times, but remember to add the shifts, scales, and opacity for each overlay you create.

@overlay OVERLAYNAME create
@overlay OVERLAYNAME create


Ty again


So in my story I have this if/else code;


@follow DYLAN F to screen left in zone 3
@DYLAN F exits right
@YOU faces right AND YOU is laugh_giggle AND CHARLIE is eyeroll_sarcastic
@zoom on 733 173 to 162%

goto afterdylanleaves

} else {

@follow DYLAN M to screen left in zone 3
@DYLAN M exits right
@YOU faces right AND YOU is laugh_giggle AND CHARLIE is eyeroll_sarcastic
@zoom on 733 173 to 162%

goto afterdylanleaves


The FEMALE_SEXUALITY part works fine but the “else” part gets cut off and the guy literally disappears as he walks.


@ellaw.episode already god it thanks you two


I want to change one background to another but it’s still showing error that episode can’t end with new scene. Any help?


You need dialog or a pause after a scene :slight_smile:


well yes i was trying to put the pause or dialog but it’s still same


Can you show a screen shot of your script? Or copy and paste?


it’s something like this:
@CARYS is sleep_sit_neutral_loop
@pause for 2

could the problem be that it’s two different backgrounds or?


If the servant background is the last thing in your script. Just put a bit of narration after it, hopefully that should fix the error!


How can I create a celebrity in the story creator? I think about something like the dolan twins, cameron dallas, etc.


yes thank you :heart:


No, unfortunately you can’t make a stories about celebrities you can only mention them.


ugh so I guess I have to use available tools to make my characters look just a bit similar :joy: :rofl: souds like mission impossible


Just make your own celebrities :wink: