Questions for authors with point systems!

Hi everyone,

I have a point system between the MC and LI of my story. There are a few instances where I use branches to lead to 2 different scenes. One scene is for readers with higher points, and they get an extra bit of conversation or a longer scene with the LI.

For example:
if (LI > x points) {
extra conversation + cool details
} else {
just basic story

Good decisions gives the readers 1 point, sometimes even 2. The reader never loses points and can buy 1 point for 5 gems. (I’m aware that this is quite expensive, but since each choice usually only gives 1 point, it increases the reader’s percentage of points gotten by a lot.)

There are 20 total points at the moment. Is 15 points a reasonable cut off for an extra bit of conversation? Is it too low, or too high?

I don’t want to make my point system too hard or too easy. 15 is 75% of 20, so that’s a C my American grading standards (which is passing). The conversation does have an IMPORTANT detail about the LI, but all readers will find out about it eventually. Readers with more points will just know sooner.

I would say that is pretty fair if anything, the lowest I would go is maybe 13/20 unlocks the scene. Or if you want you could add a gem choice to unlock the scene if they don’t have enough points :woman_shrugging:

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Thanks for your response! It’s definitely not worth gems, since even though the information is important, it only adds a few lines of dialogue.

Oh if that is the case then I would go with the 15/20 as the readers wouldn’t be missing much :smile:

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