Questions for authors

  1. How long does it take you to make an episode?
  2. How many lines does the script need to have with spaces ?
  3. How long does it take for episode to tell you if your backgrounds or covers has been accepted or not ?

It usually takes me a week to make sure my episode is 100% correct
I put 800-1000 lines in my episodes
It takes episode maybe a few days to a week to approve your backgrounds/overlays


How long does it take you to make an episode?

A week, or more longer than that, because of directing, and checking for errors, etc.

How many lines does the script need to have with spaces ?

I’m just guessing, depending on the directing/branching, it will be maybe 2000 or more than that.

How long does it take for episode to tell you if your backgrounds or covers has been accepted or not ?

A week, or more than that. Lol, or maybe 3-4 days, I don’t know.

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1• It can take me literally up to 3 days to complete an episode more or less time depending on the complexity of the coding.
2•I usually aim for 1000 lines
3•Episode takes about 3-4 days to approve my stuff

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Hey! These answers may vary for different authors. I will tell you from my perspective.

  1. I have some short and long stories. At first, I was quite slow, but once I got the hang on writing stories here, it was way faster. For my first story, which had 23 chapters, it took me nearly 2 months. For my other stories, I took almost a month each. Each chapter could take me as fast as a day, or as long as 5 days.

  2. The minimum you can have is 400 lines, but that will be a really short chapter. My first story was quite simpler, so it was about 1500 lines per chapter. But my newer stories had longer chapters, plus coding and branching, I had like 3000-5000 lines per chapter.

  3. The approval for those varies. There is no standard timing. the fastest I’ve got is 2 days, and the longest was a week. But, it’s still manageable to me.

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  1. It takes me between 15 - 20 hours to write one episode.

  2. For me, this varies depending on stories. But I usually don’t have spaces in my lines so :woman_shrugging:

  3. I uploaded a bunch on Monday and they were approved today so it’s about 4/5 days wait at the moment… But this wait time varies often.

  1. Depends. Some times I can get a few episodes done in a month, or sometimes I can write half an episode in a day. It depends on all the stuff going on in life. It’s hard for me to keep up a consistent schedule. Publishing one episode a week is A LOT. It’s up to you how fast or slow you want to work. Just don’t rush it or burn yourself out.
  2. I don’t use spaces when I’m coding. I just have everything following one another line by line. I try to have AT LEAST 1,000 lines per episode excluding long lines of branches, if/elf statements, and long lines of coding such as overlays and spot directing characters. So I mean 1,000 lines of actually story telling, like dialogue, animations, moving characters, backgrounds, etc.
  3. From my experience, it takes at least a week. Maybe a little over 2 weeks.
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  1. 2 weeks
  2. Depends on the directing. I use advanced directing so it usually has 2.5k-3k lines.
  3. Depends.
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  1. My episodes usually take me about 12-15 hours total. Of course thats spread out in days, but that’s my rough estimate.
  2. I think lines really just depend on how long you want your episodes and if you’re adding customization. I try for 13-15 minutes every time which is about 2000-2500 lines without any customization.
  3. A few days to a week is good way to put it. Sometimes the approval team is right on track, and sometimes I think they get overloaded with backgrounds and take a week. But it’s mostly consistent to 3-4 days.
  1. At least a month if I write everyday.
  2. An average episode without branches is 5000~ lines.
  3. Around a week
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•years because I’m inconsistent :adult:t3:‍:microscope: side note: years if I didn’t have all my backgrounds pre-made, art scenes pre-made, as well overlays pre-made and chapter(s) already plotted and summarized
•Uhm I’m not sure since I use loads of overlays and I mean loads so it can vary
•in between 3-4 days and a week

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3-5 weeks. I use advanced directing. :grimacing: First, I plan the chapter well. Then I make backgrounds and overlays (if needed) and then, I code everything. And when I’m finished, I check the chapter for directing mistakes and then, I send the dialogues for proofreading, which also takes few days. In addition to writing, I’m also studying, which also takes time (university has priority for me). And that’s why I need weeks for one chapter. :sweat_smile:

Chapter + Intro + Menu (incluses CC, checking points, buying points, FAQ) = around 8000-10000 lines. I almost don’t use spaces, only between dialogues and backgrounds. :sweat_smile:

Usually, It takes 2-3 days to approve backgrounds and overlays. Because of the current situation, it takes more than a week. :unamused:

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1. How long does it take you to make an episode?
In hours, I would say 48-72h. Recently, I changed my writing process, I write and check the dialogue on Grammarly scene by scene, so that I don’t have to go back and I make BG and overlays episode per episode.
The issue is I work 6 days a week some of them two work shifts, so those hours are spread over the days…

2. How many lines does the script need to have with spaces ?
It depends on the writer’s preference and on the directing. Mine are usually 2000. The best way to measure an episode is timing it.

3. How long does it take for episode to tell you if your backgrounds or covers has been accepted or not ?
It can vary a lot as many have said. The average is 2-4 days.

  1. About a week
  2. I would say over 1,000 (I would aim for 10 minute long episodes)
  3. A few days - 2 weeks :slight_smile: (It’s rarely more than 2 weeks but I’ve found that the more backgrounds you try to approve in one go, the longer it might take.)
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I need a week at least and that is if I’m quick.

I usually try to get 1500 but it depends on how many choices and branching the episode has.

It’s always different sometimes it takes weeks and another time just a couple days.

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Depends how busy my life is and my mental health. I’m not going to sacrifice my real life to write a story. So anywhere between a week and a month (unless I just genuinely don’t have any time then it’s anyones guess)

With complex coding with overlays and heaps of branching going on, 5000+. For one with less technical stuff, between 1000-1500 is the goal.

It’s supposed to be 48 hours but it can honestly take anywhere from 3-4 days to 2 weeks.