Questions for Chocolate


Okay so I’m talking to my daughter Winter when I realized that a little question game for me would be fun! Sooooooo ask away I’m honestly not that shy online so I would answer…except for private ones like where I live and etc like I’m not that stupid. So yeah go on i don’t mind at all.

Also yes the time I’m open is from
Monday-Friday: 5am-whenever I go to sleep :joy: EST

Weekends: Whenever time I honestly go to sleep I be up all the time :joy: okie not allllll the time.




Girl I’m bored and bored don’t judge I knew you’d find this :expressionless:


:smirk: I’ll always find you. :eyes:


Darling don’t stalk your mother…that’s weird only your other brother does that.


I don’t stalk you. I just watch you. :eyes:


…that’s the same thing :joy:


Question. Why. Did. You. Adopt. Ten. Kids.


Are you sure about that? :eyes:


Hmmmmmm I have no idea I honestly hate a lot of kids but like…I wanted a whole bunch online.

Most definitely


I guess I’m stalking you then. :eyes:


Psh like I always knew.


:eyes: Good for you.


Why did I find this thread?


Who knows hon maybe you were scrolling through and found it.


Why does moldy food smell weird?


Because it’s nasty and all those nasty, ugly germs is just encased on it. Like bruh move on you have a life,buttttttt it doesn’t so honestly mold is like…an annoying thing.


Why am I named Olivia?


Because yo parents were like…ya know what hon…Olivia is suchhhhh a nice name. Then BOOM chicken noodle soup there you are. Or maybe after a family memeber.


Are you ReAl??? :thinking::thinking::scream: