Questions for future writing!

Hey everyone! I am very familiar with INK writing and editing, and am currently working on a LL story with @molly247

I really just want some statistics for future writing, so if you could answer some questions down below it would be really helpful to me!

Written style
  • Classic
  • Ink
  • Limelight

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  • No CC
  • Limited CC
  • Full CC

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  • Romance
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Drama

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Main character
  • Female
  • Male

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  • Frequent choices
  • Infrequent choices

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Art scenes?
  • Art scenes
  • No art scenes

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  • from episode catalog
  • non episode catalog background
  • A mix of both

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Love interests
  • None
  • One
  • Two
  • Multiple

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Episode length
  • 5 minutes
  • 10 minutes
  • 15 minutes

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If you have any other polls I should add, lmk! And if you have answers that aren’t offered, please comment down below! :two_hearts::two_hearts: and feel free to explain your answers x


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  1. Ink is just superior, no explanation needed
  2. I like it when I can change things but not a lot in case there are art scenes - so I can recognize em
  3. I don’t see much in reading a story if it isn’t mostly romance, however, I feel as though it also has to be a comedy & action as well
  5. Choices are eh, I mostly like it when its about clothes/makeup and not pressured things that will affect future things :confused:
  6. Art scenes are so fricking cute hmu if ya need some :smirk:
  7. I’m not too bothered about backgrounds at all, it’s mainly for authors to CaPtUrE tHe ScEnE
  8. WAY TOO MUCH PRESSURE IF THERE IS MORE THAN ONE LI - my heart can’t take that
  9. 10 mins sounds fair, dontcha tink?

Omggg thank you so much, you are the best :sob::sob::heart:

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Omggg no probs, and ik :relieved::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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  1. Written Style- Same as @Jess2112 said
  2. Customization- Nope, I like seeing the characters as they were designed
    by the author.
  3. Genre- ACTION MAN but comedy works too :sunglasses:
  4. Main character- Either
  5. Choices- Infrequent choices, forEVER
  6. Art Scenes- Now since I don’t customize the characters, art scenes actually make sense, so yes!
  7. Backgrounds- I’d say a mix of both or basically, wtv fits the block :woman_shrugging:
  8. Love Interests- 1, wouldn’t you like to be potraited as a loyal lover in a story? :joy:
  9. Episode Length- 10 minutes work perfectly fine with me! :raised_hand:t3:

Written style - I don’t mind any style. What matters is how good the directing is in that style.

Customisation - I personally prefer no customisation cuz a) it’s too much work and b) I like to see how the author envisioned the characters.

Genre - for me again the genre isnt the biggest priority. All I look for is the description. But most likely I would rather pick up a rom com kind rather than a action drama

Main character - I don’t mind either unless the character building is sloppy.

Choices - I like stories with less choices . Sometimes, I’ll read stories with no choices…but that’s my own opinion. Many PPL like having choices given…after all episode is an interactive game.

Art scenes - I love them. Im tad bit disappointed if there are no art scenes.

Background - dosent matter unless its a bg that draws toooo much attention to the background

not a prob if attention to the bg if a part of the story

Love interest - one I personally feel is best. If there’s 2 , u gotta chose one and then there is heartbreak…too much work.

Length - 10-15 mins is usually preferred in episode.

super excited for your story and good luck :heart:

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@frey @Lana_Carter thank you guys! That means a lot to me, seriously :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::heart:

  • Written Style: Limelight not bevause itbs more beautiful or realistic, but because it’s more good to watch.

  • Customization: Full CC. Actually I don’t mind having limited CC but everyone should be able to create their own character because if t looks creepy to them, they won’t read. So, no taking risk.

  • Genre: Romance-Drama. Everyone’s opinion would be completely different. And I don’t read fantasy and Mafia or action at all so I would appreciate if the story is not based on the genres.

  • Main Character: I prefer female because I myself am a girl. But I would love to read stories with male MCs. I’m even looking for stories that has male MC.

  • Choices: My dumb mind didn’t really get what “Frequent choice” and “Infrequent choice” is…So can you please explain?

  • Art Scenes: Art scenes are lovely but I absolutely don’t mind if there aren’t art scenes. And I bet no one will mind unless the story is good.

  • Backgrounds: It depends on if you need other backgrounds than the episode ones. But since Episode doesn’t have so many and good backgrounds, I prefer a mix of both.

  • Love Interest: It really depends on the story. It’s completely your choice. Don’t depend on votes.

  • Episode Length: I don’t actually notice the lenght of the stories I read. But I can guess 10 or 15 mintues? It shouldn’t be very long.

And All The Very Best For Your Story :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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Thanks :)) , and infrequent means you don’t get many choices and frequent means you get a lot¿


Btw, you’ve 3 story ideas already in mind uh? :eyes::eyes:

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Well I have a couple in the making, but I just wanted to know for future projects :joy:

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But, Noer and Elena for now, right? :relieved::raised_hand:t3:

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Yep! And twelve with molly, :heart_eyes:

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Hazey :sparkles:

Aww im such a fricking cool ship name generator :relieved:

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Okay, then infrequent. I donbt really care about choices except massive effective ones.

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Omggg hazey :eyes::eyes::heart_eyes: