Questions for my fellow authors and readers

Hey! I was/am planning on writing a story that I am personally really intrigued and happy with but I need some opinions first!

  1. What type of Mc do you like?

  2. Is cc important?

  3. What elements make you turn away?

  4. What would you consider a toxic LI?

  5. Are choices a must?

I also am in need of some girl and guy names… :sweat_smile:

Thanks! I really really really appreciate it! :purple_heart::blush:

  1. I like a MC that doesn’t cry every other scene and doesn’t live just for the LI. I like strong MC’s who actually have a personality and their only trait isn’t the ability to drool over how hot a guy is-

  2. Nooooo I actually don’t do a thing when I’m offered CC. I get some readers want the characters to look like them, but I want to see the characters as how the author wants and envisions them if that makes sense :))

  3. Toxic LI, weak MC’s, mean girls who’s life goal is to ruin the MC’s reputation, bad grammar and spelling, bad representation of any culture and the LGBTQ+ community…I could go on but I can’t think of any more atm. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

  4. Ohhhhhh I’m gonna go off if you don’t mind. :clown_face: CHOOSING WHAT THE GF OR BF WEARS YOU DONT GET TO CONTROL THEM LIKE THAT and overly protective ones. Just because you’re dating someone doesn’t mean you can control them like they’re your doll or something. And abusive LI’s, definitely a big no no from me.

  5. Not for me :DD I see episode as more of a story telling app over a game so I honestly couldn’t care less if a story didn’t have ANY choices at all, I honestly prefer that over choices matter.

Here are just a few names that I adore :sweat_smile:




Omg thank you! Lmao I could agree on every single thing you said :relieved::v:

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  1. I like an MC with an actual personality, character, depth, and isn’t afraid to be herself. I like an MC who isn’t watered down to be a second person for the LI when they’re supposed to be the MC.

  2. CC isn’t important to me honestly. I like a well-planned out story with an actual plot.

  3. Bad spot directing, a ton of narration, telling not showing, toxic & obsessive LI, obvious cliches (i can read them, but if they’re altered to suit your story, hopefully this makes sense). Bad zooms, etc. Bad directing really ruins a story for me.

  4. A toxic LI for me is someone who’s controlling and owning every part of my lifestyle. Also, when the LI drop small comments putting down the MC. A LI who puts down the MC is the worst.

  5. Choices aren’t always a must, but I like having small/engaging choices.

hope this helps <3


Thank you!! :purple_heart::relieved:

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  1. I like MCs that are strong, intelligent, and kind generally.
  2. CC is really important to me personally! I like imagining myself in the story so I usually won’t read if there isn’t full CC
  3. Bad dialogue, cliche plot/elements, really poor grammar/spelling, too much narration!, toxic love interests, misrepresentation/use of negative sterotypes (of mental illnesses, races, sexualitites, etc)
  4. Being overly obsessive over the MC and gaslighting are two big traits I see a lot in toxic LIs!
  5. I think choices make a story 10x more fun and engaging. I also think it’s kinda cool to be able to make choices that affect relationships with LIs, the MCs friends/family, etc.

And for names, I use the website nameberry! I’ve used it ever since I started writing in middle school almost 7 years ago lol.


This is literally the opposite of my story :pensive: I don’t have any cc or that many choices or at least choices that impact the story but it’s okay I can’t expect everyone’s opinions to be the same! Thank you!!! :purple_heart::relieved:

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In the end, just write whatever makes you happy! Just like you said, everyone has all different kinds of opinions so it’s literally impossible to try to please everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I learned that the hard way when I first started writing on w*ttpad oof

Honestly I’m just SUPER picky about what I read though, I’m trying to grow out of it but I’m the same exact way with the video games I play :rofl:

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I learned that also the hard way from writing my past 2 stories that failed miserably but 2 mistakes I made were

  1. Remembering I have to put my opinion first

  2. Not everyone thinks the same :relieved:

  1. Readers like an MC they can relate to. If the reader can identify with your MC, they’ll want to read your story to find out what happens to them, and they’ll be sympathetic when your MC goes through hardship.

  2. CC is important! If your MC looks more like the reader, it makes it even easier for the experience the story as if they were the MC.

  3. Things that potentially scare off readers: swearing (if their more sensitive), lack of choices, lack of CC, boredom (add some action, not even a devoted fan will stick around if your characters talk about doing things instead of doing them), and long directing bits (these can be interesting if you spice it up or have good material, but don’t show a solid, no-dialogue minute of the reader getting ready in the morning).

  4. A toxic LI includes those who: a) entice the MC to do bad things, b) make the MC jump through hoops to “earn” their love, or c) constantly find fault with the MC / demand an on-again-off-again relationship (meaning they turn it “off” frequently when they cheat / want to cheat / find someone else even though the MC stays faithful).

  5. Choices ARE a must! The entire reason people read on episode is because they can choose what direction to take your story. Choices are an important point to the story. I have only seen TWO stories that were good enough content as they were to avoid choices entirely. Personally, your story quality is gonna have to blow me away, or I’m not gonna keep reading a story without choices.


Well… There’s no shame in trying something new! I usually add Cc and choices but this time I’m writing this story for me after a lot of thinking I am writing for fun if I get reads then that’s a bonus! Thanks for the reply though I’ll keep those things in mind for the future! :purple_heart::relieved:

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