Questions for the Episode Artists and Editors

I started editing first so I could make covers for my stories. I had no idea the forums and art shops existed until March of last year when I was asked to add my forums username in my Magicka entry :joy: so then I made an account here and created my own shop soon after!

I can’t keep my shop open for more than a couple hours every couple months so I think I am :laughing:

I’ve been an artist my whole life, i didn’t get into digital artwork until March of last year.

Magic eraser, ibispaint, procreate, PicsArt .

Magic eraser for erasing backgrounds.
Ibispaint is amazing for starting out. I learned to draw better with this app, it has so many helpful tools and I use this for a lot of my tutorials. I use procreate mostly now, but I like using ibis for making my custom poses.
Procreate is $10 absolutely well spent. My art has improved tremendously and the possibilities with my art are endless with this app.
I use PicsArt for adding effects, stickers and other random stuff. I also use PicsArt a lot when making backgrounds.

I held one and it was so much fun! It was great seeing the creativity people had with my outlines, and creating prizes for the winners is my favorite part!

I never used these before but I think it may be for tracing the hairs for an outline.

I have this thread here on editing/drawing hair. I also have a YouTube Channel where I post Episode Art related videos once a month. I have an editing/drawing school coming soon, in which my first video will be posted this Friday.
My biggest tip would be to add deep enough shadows. Too often I see images looking flat because deep enough tones aren’t added to the face/body.
But definitely have fun with it! Art is fun and you should be proud of it no matter what you do :heart:

I’m not really sure…sometimes ideas just pop into my head and I try and go from there! Other times I’ll look online at other people’s artwork and color usage for inspiration.

I make backgrounds occasionally for my stories, they can be found here in my Google Drive, but I’m not as good as I’d like to be lol it takes me quite a while to get a couple variations (including overlays) of my backgrounds, I’d say at least 2 hours. But again, I’m not as good or skilled with this.

No preference, I love all styles equally :two_hearts:

Each style has their own perks in my opinion. If I’m doing a drawing only for myself, I take the outcome I want into consideration. If I want a more cartoonish looking character, or if I want to do hard shading, I use ink as a base. If I want to try realistic and soft shading, then I’ll use Limelight.

Edits; yes. Drawings; no. I’ve been practicing drawing realistic images to hopefully open commissions. I also draw/paint landscapes, lettering and other decorative things in real life. As of right now, I don’t have a particular “style” other than hyper realistic eyes, and extreme glowing/glittering highlights in skin and hair.

Since I take requests, that’s obviously for the requester to use. I will not use it, and If I shared I will mention the person who requested it. However if I make something for myself, I ask that no one uses it. If someone likes what I made and they want one for themselves, they’re more than welcome to ask and I will be more than welcome to help if I have the time for it :blush: