Questions For Writing Stories!

Hey guys! Just a few questions… Can we say bad words in stories? Can we say the n word in stories based on black characters (obviously with no racism or anything involved)? Also if we are putting a warning in the beginning of the story can we make them NSFW? Thank you for all responses all help appreciated!! :)))

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I know you’re not allowed to use explicit swear words nor the “n” word.

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Yes, but there is a limit and it depends on the context and the word itself. It would be best to submit a ticket if you’re worried about taking it too far. My rule of thumb is no more than 5 per episode.

This is from the content guidelines

You said no racism involved, but I still think a lot of people would consider the n word to be a racial slur, so I would not recommend you doing this.

No. Your story still had to be appropriate for 13 year olds



This is Tyler’s rule too. @/Tyler is our (the Episode community’s) Episode story reviewer. He’s part of the Episode official team. So after reading the story guides/rules in Portal, if you’re still confused about anything, then you can send him a PM to ask any further question, @_debjani. No worries, he’s very approachable, as are most people in forums. :wink:

Yes, Rosie, I am stalking you to avoid writing my story! :smirk::smirk::smirk:

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