Okay. I have a serious question for all you famous authors out there yk? The ones with the thousands of followers and has art scenes and good backgrounds in their story. I have a question. Does your start out like that with the art scenes and good backgrounds, yk? Good covers? Or did it start out with no art scenes yet and good backgrounds and when it got famous, you edited back to where it did have those things. Was it like that in the beginning?


I was thinking the same thing I’m so depressed I’m new author too I’m working on two stories right now so afraid of failure :pensive:


It starts out with only a storyline and the basic stuff then when the authors amazing idea took off, most of the time people offer to make the authors different Art. (but sometimes the Author pays gets the art scenes and stuff ahead of time and then happen to have their story take off!) :grin:

(And there are many artists who will do art for you for free and your story doesn’t even have to be published yet!)


Do you do art scenes or whatever? I’m guessing from your pfp :joy::joy:


I do! But I don’t take requests :sweat_smile:. If you need to request I know many AMAZING artists on the forums that I’m sure would be happy to help you!! :grin:


Yes! Thank you, I do lol.


I would suggest making a new thread to ask for artists then!!! (And I will @ some artists who I personally find really great :grin:)

Best of luck!!