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Okay, I know SOME people find this easy to do. But not for me. Not for someone who has a hard time planning. I mean, here’s my question: How do I know what I want to plan? How do I know what I’m looking for? What do I need to be thinking about?

I have self insecurity and I pretty much doubt myself a lot. I always second guess every thought. So it’s hard trying to believe I can do it. I want to know the answers to these questions I ask myself but I don’t know how and where to start… :thinking:

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Joseph Evans has a video about how to plan a story

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I use to be like that at first the first time I wrote 3 episodes I had writers block got annoyed and deleted everything I learned that music helps the mind relax, you should sit down and play some music while having a book and a paper you first need to have an idea of what you want to write and let your imagination do the rest, hope I could help :purple_heart:

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I don’t really plan my story, I just write down already in the portal what comes to my mind. I go eventually back to fix something or add new ideas. On Tara Star made a planning template!

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Ask yourself: What’s the point of the story? (Is it a moral, lesson, or message to the reader?) What inspired you to write it? (A novel, a TV show, your friend, or an experience you had? Who are your characters and how do they contribute to the story? What are the characters like and how does that affect the story?
Think about your story as 3 parts: The first part, which is like an introduction that introduces the characters, settings, etc. and the beginning of the conflict. Part 2 is where things go down hill and there’s a big crisis (or many). Then, Part 3 is where the CLIMAX happens. The climax is the ultimate turning point of the story. It’s not necessarily the most dramatic scene. It’s the part of the story where there’s NO RETURN. Things are FOREVER changed in the story. Then, things start to settle down and problems get resolved, and the there’s the end. Well, that is, unless you have a plot twist at the end, where the problems DON’T get resolved.
Anyways, I hope that helped! :slight_smile: You can PM me if you want to know more. I’ll do my best to help! :slight_smile: