Questions , questions and more questions! 🤣


Nobody said you aren’t…

Why am I so awkward around some people?


Cause of takes you a while to get used to someone?

Why am I such a brat?


I don’t know you well enough to answer that :woman_shrugging:

Do you believe that soulmates exist? Or is it just some made up crazy idea? :broken_heart:


Ummm duh! I think there is that special someone out there waiting for you…ist something I look forward to finding!

Do you poor milk or cereal in your bowl first?


I pour cereal in my bowl first.

Do you believe in life outside of our solar system?


Literally have no opinion, I guess it’s somewhat possible~

Which country do you live in?



What’s your favourite flower?


I don’t really have a favourite flower. Never been a flower person.

What’s your weirdest dream ever?


My weirdest dream is pkay don’t get weirded out when I crushed on my dream girl. Like literally I met her in dreams and crushed on her even though I don’t even remember how she looked like. I just woke up next morning and I was like that girl was lovely.

What’s your wildest fantasy?


This is far fetched but…okay so the guy that I fell in love with…and still in love with comes back to our school and like everyone stops in the halls and looks at me and him and I start like doing whatever weird thing I do, and he smiles walks over to me and admits that he always loved me from the moment we met all the way to when he was away, and I never left his thoughts. Then we date and later on get married and have those two maybe three kids and he becomes the biggest basketball star and I’m having my bakery and me and him travel far and near just so happy that we finally came back to each other. (Lol yeah it’s far fetched but a girl can fantasies)

Your guilty pleasure?


Okay my guilty pleasure is that I out your on my hands and then wait for it to dry and then peel it off. :joy::joy::joy: Idk why but I love doing that.

What’s your favourite movie?


The Lord of The Rings :smirk: :sunny:

What are French fries made of? :fries:


Fried French brain

What’s your favourite quote? (I know this has been asked already but I love asking this question!)


NO! THERE ARE TOO MANY!!! Too many to choose dude…

You are confined only by the walls you build yourself

What’s the weirdest dream you have had? (If you forgot or have never had a weird dream then make something super weird up- I won’t judge)


I was running naked in the chamber of secrets lol it was terrifying

what is the best game ever invented??


I’m trying to decide on Minecraft or Roblox, because those are the only games I play besides Episode :rofl:
I’d have to say Roblox
wait I was supposed to write a question
Umm… Why are cats so cute?



correct answer


Yay! Another Roblox fan!


whats your name on roblox


I’ll PM you