Questions , questions and more questions! 🤣




Okay cats totally arent.

What is the stupidest thing you have ever done?


I once told my brother girlfriend that he was gay for a joke… Let just say I got in big trouble by my brother 🤦

What is your favorite soccer team?


I don’t watch or play soccer…
cough… sports are boring

Why do people like to watch sports?


They’re stupid

What is the meaning of life??? yes. Yes I did


The meaning of life is a definition that is different for every person. I believe that life is all about our experiences on this planet, whether it be good or bad.

Why do we fart? Yes… I went there.


Well, I think farting helps in releasing stress, And its one most satisfying way of releasing gas through your butt hole. Its like burping, but with ur butt. Its BUTURPING

Why are people so dumb?


Because the world would be incomplete without dumb people.

Why do people lie about things which make it obvious that they’re lying?


Because people are dumb, abs then they believe “lolz not like they’ll realize!” When you can obviously tell they are.

Why does being in love feel so weird?