Questions that helped me creating a character


Before jumping into writing a story, I needed to get my mind ready with the characters. I mean, Making sure they are relevant for the story, and by writing down their detailes and answering questions about them, I can get creative by HOW show those things about them, rather than just telling it.

So here are some Questions i ask self while creating a character:
-What are their dreams?
bid dreams, even small ones,
-Who are their VIPs?
important people in their life: good, bad.
-What do they regret?
would they go back and change things, or leave them as they are?
-How do they see themselves?
is it diffrenet from other people opinion?
-What’s their relationship with food?
do they scarf it down or sevour every bite? cook special dinners or order takeaway?
-Important locations?
-How are they with money?
Spend every penny they earnd? invest the money?
-Emotional or Logical?
how they deal with prolems?
-Are they spiritual?
believe in god?

  • credit to pinterest hahaha-
    Also, I searched up sodiac signs and their traits, weaknesses, strangthes, likes, dislikes, etc.
    It helpd developing the characther and make it less… flat :slight_smile:


Thanks, this was really helpful!!


You’re welcome :kissing_heart: