Questions you hate being asked (thread)

hey lovess

So, we all have questions asked to each other that we absolutely get annoyed from, so which questions are those for you?

my annoying questions I get asked


So… you’re indian? (im pakistani)

I have more questions but i cam think of any bc i’m tired sooo


All these. Lol
When they ask the second one I’ve just started saying “more black.”(stole it from krissychula on YouTube but I dare someone to ask me again lol I hate this question)

Also… “where are you actually from”


“Why don’t you straighten your hair?!”
I get asked that after I answer four times

“Do you wear all black for black lives matter?”
Nah fam I just like black

“Why do you wear all black?”
Because I flipping want to.

“Why do you like black guys?”
Because they’re chocolatey and I like what I like :woman_shrugging:t5:

“Why do you ignore your ex?”
Idk I just find it weird :sweat_smile:


‘Your not that ethnicity you too white.’


“Are you really related to them? You don’t look like them.” :unamused:
“Why are you always sad?” :confused:
“Can you be happy for once?” :neutral_face:


“Why don’t you wear your hair down?”


“why do u wear the same thing over again?”



“ Are you wearing makeup? “ No

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Can I touch/braid your hair? :crazy_face: No stfu and don’t touch my hair.
Are you going to eat that? :upside_down_face: No I was planning on staring at it all day


Lmao when someone touches my hair I want to rip their hand off Loool :joy::joy:


Lol I just say no and they still touch it :joy:


“Are you Jamaican?”
Non-Caribbean people always mistake my accent for a Jamaican one and I don’t get it!

“Are you mixed”
I’m not mixed at all…I’m all black, both my parents are, I’ve literally been told that I can’t say the N word before :woman_facepalming:

“Is that your real hair?”

“Oh my gosh! You actually eat?”
Seriously what type of question is that???


‘Are you okay?’
It’s just that question where people ask you it but nobody ever really seems to care. They expect a ‘yeah I’m fine’ and that’s it. But what if you’re not? I always say I am anyway because that’s what people expect. I just don’t see the point in this question.
Also ‘How are you so smart?’
I just feel like saying ‘Well you see I’m a witch and so I used my magic to become smart!’ It’s just annoying that people find it so hard to believe that I am not just smart and I have to actually study to get the grades I do.


“You grew up in Singapore, so you don’t actually think you’re British/Dutch do you?”
Wow didn’t know someone could rip away my literal identity ?

“Isn’t all you do as a nurse, like, clean people?”
Yes, this is exactly why I’m doing a 3 year degree; To BLOOdy CLEan pEoPLe :slight_smile: :rofl: :+1:t3:


So what question i hate the most is…
‘Whats there in kpop idols and those dramas that u see?U actually waste your time on this!’
Mostly my friends ask this and that moment i am like :smiling_imp:

Them: You’re wearing mascara, aren’t you? Yes, I know you are, gurll, is there a guy you’re trying to impress?
Me: my eyelashes are just long ok? I don’t know how to apply makeup for the life of me. What even is primer?

Them: Oh, you do rhythmic gymnastics? So you can do flips, OMG!
Me: get out of here before I do something stupid to a certain someone.


“How are you ever going to find a man, if you don’t start wearing make-up and looking pretty?”
Can’t I just wear what I want to sometimes? I’m not thinking about my future boyfriend every damn time I walk out of the house lol.

“Are you anorexic?!”
No, just no. There’s a HUGE difference between purposely starving yourself and just not being hungry. It takes a lot longer for me to get hungry than the average person, but yes I still do eat. I’ll eat when I’m hungry lol.


“Are you okay?” I have aspergers and depression but I’m perfectly fine, I’m peachy! :unamused:
“Why do you always have that sad face?” It’s my face, don’t like just stop looking at me. :roll_eyes:
“Why are you so immature?” I don’t know fam, maybe because I had such a wonderfull childhood! (sarcasm) :neutral_face:
“Why don’t you get a boyfriend?” sighs Why do I even need one? Unlike you bimbos I don’t need a man to be happy.
“Are you gay?” Dude you make it sound like being called gay is an insult. Dude get outta my sigh before I knock some sense into you. :tipping_hand_woman: (I’m Bissexual btw)
“Why are you so skinny?” Got a problem with that? Couldn’t care less sis. :crazy_face:

Phew, it felt good to get all that out of chest. :innocent:


Do you guys have giraffes as pets down there?

I live in South Africa not a zoo. We have goldfish and puppies too, thank u, next


Is that a bruise on your head? I have a large brown birthmark, as you can guess I get asked this by almost everyone who looks at me.

Also, what’s it like to be a twin? Idk what’s it like to not have a twin?

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