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Srry, that I havenโ€™t replied yet. I would like to reserve for water magic.

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My bad! Iโ€™ll work on that! :sweat_smile:

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Mhmm didnโ€™t miss that. That anime is amazing.

Sure. Letโ€™s do this.

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IKR! It was kinda sad too when Gilbert died and also on a few other parts, but overall it was a good anime.



I am no longer accepting any more requests for females with Natural Abilities. We have enough of them, and Natural Abilities arenโ€™t supposed to be bias to gender. If you want a natural ability, thatโ€™s fine, just request it first and only for the guys - at least until the ratio evens out.



@HisHighnessJui sorry for keeping you waiting, Iโ€™ll respond in a few hours.


@LTea could you tell me what currency the roleplay uses?

Redia - ยฃ1,000

Cetrix - ยฃ100

Gold - ยฃ50

Silver - ยฃ10

Quart - ยฃ5

Copper - ยฃ1

Itโ€™s also medieval pricing, so you can easily find a home for around three Gold a month. If itโ€™s below Copper value, theyโ€™ll likely just barter (aka, three chicken eggs for one sack of flour, type thing)
very few people can afford Redias


@ReeceandBecca - whatโ€™s vale wearing currently? Does he look posh?

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I have now updated the Faceclaims to include everyoneโ€™s FCs for their characters. I havenโ€™t included the short info piece, just because Iโ€™ve been in such a rush the last few weeks and havenโ€™t had time, but I appreciate that you guys have so far been dealing with next to no pictures of characters. :sweat_smile:
Well, I can now proudly say that, everyone who has been accepted, your characters are now up there!

I have also done a tally of the current characters and such, which you can findโ€ฆ


Current Class Divide:
Warriors = M2 || F0
Rogues = M2 || F6
Mages = M1 || F4
Healer = M3 || F0
Crafters = M4 || F2

Current Power Divide:
Light - M0 || F0
Shadow - M0 || F0
Energy - M0 || F1
Shifter - M1 || F0
Rock - M0 || F0
Water - M0 || F2
Fire - M1 || F0
Ice - M2 || F0
Air - M0 || F1
Familiar - M1 || F2
Muse - M0 || F1

Red numbers mean I am no longer accepting those character types because the ratio is way off.
Orange numbers mean we are reaching the limit and I would rather you picked one of the other Abilities or classes

On the other hand, I can say that we have a balance of M5 || F6 in terms of natural abilities, so Iโ€™m happy to accept both again.

If your character is not currently doing anything, I want you to get them to approach another idle character within the next week.
If your character isnโ€™t doing anything by then, I will push them to talk to someone using my godly powers as owner of this RP. :wink:

A plot twist will be arriving very soon. I just need to catch up and plan a few other things, but then shiz be gettinโ€™ real. I recommend you get used to things and try a bit of easy questing.

To start a quest:

Have your character approach the Questing Initiativeโ€™s Onyx Obelisk (the picture I quoted in my post between Rye and Sacren (PegasusForeverโ€™s character))
Place your characterโ€™s questing badge to the center, and have them say their questing name, their real nameโ€™s initials, and the Questing Initiativeโ€™s Promise.
For example: โ€œRye Fyre, R-S-B. Et Salus Spectaculum. โ€ (Ryeโ€™s middle name is sean, hence RSB. Ryan Sean Barnes)
Then tag me so I can let you know what happens. :wink:

Also, if anyone needs any further info, please let me know!

@Tellyg47 || @Ella || @Riahh30 || @AnimeOtome || @Littlefeets || @LittleElf || @LorethA || @jdepisode || @HisHighnessJui || @ReeceandBecca || @LegacyLockwood || @PegasusForever || @TheBluGeek || @Secreterz


Valeโ€™s clothes

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Thank ye.

Also, if you need a reference for Jynx sheโ€™s currently in this

Just in case, Rye is wearing this @PegasusForever

Alrighty, just a questionโ€ฆ what is happening rn? Are some still venturing the town?? :sweat_smile: its been months soโ€ฆ Iโ€™ll try to post something and ignore anyone is approachable then yโ€™all can tell me :tipping_hand_man:

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Yeah, people are just doing their daily thing. Getting used to the town, meeting folks, etc.

Sacrenโ€™s clothes and Omenโ€™s clothes @LTea

Vexโ€™s clothes but in black @TheBluGeek

Harlow Weiss (Market)- Approachable
Aileen and Fiah Yarl (Questing Initiave) - Approachable
Violet Evergarden (Outside of the city) - Approachable
For those people who havenโ€™t posted :wink:
@Tellyg47 @Ella @riahh30 @LittleElf @LorethA @Secreterz


Aileen is wearingthis
Fiadh is wearingthis

Sorry for being kinda absent. A lot has been going on lately. :sweat_smile:
wonโ€™t go on about it here, but I appreciate everyone who hasnโ€™t forgotten about this RP. Keep things up, and Iโ€™ll get stuff sorted ASAP.

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Same here. Schoolโ€™s starting again and I have alot of homework. :scream:
@LTea Iโ€™ll reply to your post as soon as I finish

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Tis fine. Workโ€™s been taking over a lot of my life as well. Iโ€™ll be working on this hopefully through this weekend though!

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Bump, to avoid this thread archiving, while I get my life together