Quick coding help please!

Okay I’ve looked everywhere before making this post and I genuinely cannot find an answer.
I’ve seen in multiple stories where authors have used the stand_up animation as a way to transition the characters from standing to sitting but I don’t know how to code it to make the animations smooth. Does anyone know how to code that and if so HOW?!

This works well with both the transition_sit_to_stand and transition_stand_to_sit

And as well as the other transition animations there is

I’m not sure if I’m coding these wrong but I get a warning message when trying to code these and I used the exact coding she has there! Would you happen to know how to code these without getting an error message?

Can you post a screenshot of your script to see where the error is?

You forgot what zone your @YOU character is walking to

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So the coding should be @./YOU character is walk to spot - - - THEN (or and) YOU is transition_stand_to_sit ?

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@/YOU walks to spot 1.203 160 18 in zone X in 6 AND ARI enters from right to screen right in 6 THEN YOU faces right AND YOU is stand_up AND ARI spot 1.280 270 0 in zone 1 at layer 1 AND ARI faces left and ARI is stand_up

X is for the zone your YOU character is in, try adding in the zone that they’re to the spot directing

As for the transition_sit_to_stand it should be fine, but if it looks off to you let the character do the animation then spot direct after to the spot you want them to finish at.

So this is what I currently have with the corrections you gave and I still have an error. Am I still missing something?

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Remove character from line 1215, it should work after that’s been removed

maybe it’s only a LL animation?

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Is your story in Ink by any chance?

Yeah :sweat_smile:

Okay so yeah the transition_sit_to_stand is a Limelight animation.

I just tried looking for one in Ink and the only one I saw was stand_up

Maybe try switching it out to an idle animation?

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I think I figured something out! Thank you so much for all your help!

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Of course, let me know if you need more help and I’ll be glad to help :grin:

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Hey can i use some help with my code please
for some reason it keeps doing it in the wrong direction, it keeps doing the kiss_makeout_loop_rear left and then it goes right, so i’m wondering if u know how to do he animation right

When you’re doing the rear animations, you have to do the opposite way. So if you want them to face right the code would be @/CHARACTER faces left AND @/character starts kiss_passionate_loop_rear

Hey um it’s still not working, this time it’s moving and then facing the characters and doing the animation