Quick forum question


In our profiles (where it tells us our topics, what we’ve liked, ect), there are two things I’m not sure about and I’m curious as to what they are. They are the categories ‘Solved’ and ‘Votes’. Does anybody know what they are or what they are for?

Also, if this topic is in the wrong place, please tell me. Thanks.


I think solved means questions that were closed by Ryan or Jeremy, votes is the likes that you’ve given under a thread, or comment.


Thanks for responding :slightly_smiling_face: I thought the same, but the things I like are in the ‘Likes Given’ section and one of my topics has been closed by them but isn’t in the ‘Solved’ section. I’m so curious as to what it is :joy: :thinking:


o you’re right!


Bumping this because I’m still curious :joy:


bumping bc now I am curious


Another bump of curiosity ~


These are two features that are currently not being utilized by the team. Once we roll anything out regarding
these features we will more than likely post about it here on the forums, so keep an eye out :slight_smile:.


Okay, thank you!