Quick & Free Graphics! –– CURRENTLY OPEN

O P E N!

Hello! It’s been a while!

I’m Belloria Rose, and here’s another graphic shop! If you have known me for a while, you would know that I’m the owner of Plethora Graphics (I & II). To be completely frank, it hasn’t been much of a success, especially when compared to the initial amount of work and work and work I’ve spent on this thread. (I have made an account for it (@PLETHORA) and “recruited” a “management” team (not really, only samantha to look over the thread) to ensure that all the artists I was collaborating with were following the community guidelines, I even made a complaint ticket form, I came up with automated response messages, I made a sign p thread with frequent updates, I went ALL out, and I’m not gonna lie but I was disappointed with the outcome.

But, I’m not here to discuss my sob story, this is just going to be a quick thread with little to no thought put into it because this was a spontaneous idea that popped into my mind a few mins ago (unlike Plethora Graphics that took me TWO months to plan and execute).

If you want, you can check out all my examples in this thread, because all of the examples I had were deleted.

Check this out if you want to see the EFFORT that was put into the making of this thread:

Plethora MIGHT come back in the future, though. When I feel inspired and when I have a decent team. But until then, I’m going to continue with this thread to play around with my artistic abilities.

Here’s an example that I made just for the creation of this thread so you guys can at least have something to reference.

From the looks of it, this obviously didn’t take much time from me, but I wanted to be able to provide you with a recent example, despite its obvious lack of effort.

I can do pretty much just about everything: splashes, overlays, backgrounds, covers (small, big), Wattpad covers, edits, banners, splashes, and everything digital art-related BUT edits. I cannot draw for the life of me, thank you.

Anyway, good luck!
Stay safe!


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Closed by OP request :smiley: