Quick "Health" Question

Does anyone know how I can quickly lose belly fat (like say in a few weeks or so)?


Hmmm, I hope this helps.

Changes to diet:

  • Drink plenty water everyday.
  • Limit your daily caloric intake (because you’re looking to lose some weight).

Work on your abs and core.
Exercises like planking, crunches and sit ups. Just a few a day and at night that you can handle.

I promise you’ll see some changes if you stick to it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


How can I stick to a low calorie diet?
I usually eat heavy foods (rice & meat/fish & rice) and if I tell my mom that I want to start eating less, she’ll think I’m crazy :sweat_smile:


Drink water
Cut out all sugary drinks and foods.
Limit/cut out carbs

Add exercise into your diet- running, dancing, cardio workouts are all available on Youtube.


:thinking: :smiley:
Well I think you can still eat what you normally eat!!
You should eat less or a few of what you eat & try to eat some veggies with it
Less sugar. Try water

Believe me. I was once like you :sweat_smile:
And for me it worked :smile:
Also, try exercising 2-3 hours a day if you can :blush:
I hope that helps :sweat_smile:


Total diets are hard to stick to- and usually fail in the long run. And crash diets are junk. I would say cut out the rice and replace it with a vegetable or side salad instead. And let your mother know that you are trying to eat healthier and I’m sure she’ll support that. :slight_smile:

As a mom, I would.


Hahaha, true… :sweat_smile: Drinking water and you more ‘full’ I guess. And hydrated, so more energised.

Keep eating in low portions of foods and the heavy foods you eat. If you need, keep a track of how many calories you’re eating by writing down on paper. By finding out the calories of food online.

(p.s Don’t go crazy over how many calories you’re eating. Just make sure it’s between a number, like between 1,700 and 2,000 for example. Rather than thinking “I need to make sure I’m ONLY eating 1200 calories and NO more!!!”. That’s not good. Don’t be scared to eat food, you need it.)

:blob_hearts: Stay healthy.


Also, in what I believe is that you shouldn’t try all those thing that people recommend for you like

  • Don’t eat nothing for a few weeks
  • Drink pills that say they’ll work

If you want to loose belly weight really bad. You should do it like you should. Normal process. Or else really bad things can happen

Just trying to protect anyone that is viewing this, not trying to be rude.


A very good point.

Also, I would like to add:
Diet pills are a waste of money because they don’t work and most of the “weight loss” you see is water weight and they’re unhealthy.

Crash diets are NOT the answer in any circumstance! You will gain every bit back as soon as you stop.

Cutting out sugary sweets, drinks will help tremendously.

If you do a low-carb diet (which I do, and has worked well for me), take a daily vitamin supplement, drink plenty of water and watch your portion sizes- healthy foods have calories, too :joy:

And the most important one: If you decide to do a diet (paleo, keto, low-carb, etc) speak to your physician! Diets are not one size fits all and some of these diets can be dangerous to certain people and exacerbate conditions (like raising your cholesterol etc)


:smile: :handshake:


I just saw that they just created new pills for that and one of my family members bought one and they ended up sick for 2 weeks

Good thing is she’s fine now


Very true :100: from personal experience I would starve myself a lot and afterwards, I cracked and went on a binge, I gained it back plus extra :woozy_face: Eat healthy, drink water :100: now I think I’m at a perfect weight but I get told I need to eat more because I’m so thin :laughing: overall you should FEEL good too. If you feel out of energy and bad, chances are you should switch to another diet plan :+1: good luck, I have faith in you :yay:



After I had my 2nd child, I got to my heaviest ever and decided I needed to do something about it. I have lost 23lbs so far. My goal is to be back down to my pre-children weight. It’s going to take time and work but I can do it :smiley:

Back to topic: @EpiCrazyKat don’t give up if you don’t see improvement immediately- true weight loss takes time and work. You can do it :slight_smile: Just stay healthy, eat well and exercise. :slight_smile:


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
Stupid question, but does water actually help?

Take today for example, I ate a little bit for dinner a while ago (literally a couple of bites)
and I had half a glass of water before and after eating. The water made me bloat quite a bit :cry:

Usually drinking half a glass of water usually gets me really full, and that’s why I tend to keep water to a minimum :sweat:

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You should be drinking at least 6-8 full glasses of water per day. You can find great zero calorie, zero-sugar water enhancers at most grocery stores.

Water definitely does help. See, your body sends signals to your brain when you are thirsty and it gets translated as hunger-- but in reality, you need to drink some water. Drinking a glass of water when you feel hungry will help you recognize whether you are actually hungry or if your body just needs to be hydrated.


Good luck you can do it :partying_face: that’s very impressive, an amazing accomplishment :clapping: :blob_sun:


You should eat until you feel full, that doesn’t always mean finishing a full plate of food.

Also, if you are eating high carb foods like rice, they can make you feel full quickly-but then a little while later, you’ll probably feel hungry again. That’s why it’s important to add high fiber veggies and healthy foods into your diet. They will keep you full longer and it helps with weight loss.

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Yeah, I get that, but my mom insists that I eat a certain amount of food.
Idk exactly when (lets say last year)
My mom noticed that one of my pants were loose on me, and we both realized that I had lost a few pounds (how idk)

Then my mom started making me eat more to regain that weight, and she usually has me finish a full plate of food, which I don’t know how to avoid without making her mad, because she will just brush it off if I tell that I want to lose weight.

It’s hard, because today my aunt came over with some new dresses she bought for me and my mom.
I tried a dress on and realized it was a bit tight for me around the stomach, and my aunt pointed out that I need to go on a little diet.

It’s not her fault, I really do need to cut down on what I eat, but it made me feel really bad, especially cuz i’m over sensitive.

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I’m going to PM you. :slight_smile: Okay?

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Please :sweat:
And don’t mind if it takes me a bit to respond :kissing:

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