Quick help?! :(


I need to delete all of this is there any quicker way of deleting this or Do I need to hold DELETE for 2 hours?


You need to add } for that line after the last eye choice


I think that’s a phone, I’m not sure which model, but what should work is holding down on a word so it’s highlighted, pressing select all or similar, then pressing delete.

If it’s a computer, iOS, or Android, then the method might not work or be different.


No,IT’s not about error I need to delete 800 lines and I don’t know how to delete them quick


Sorry didn’t read the bottom till after looking at the pic… lol


Is that a phone or computer?

The model would help too.




I don’t think there’s is a fast way to delete hun…


Unless you can highlight/ select all then hit delete


Okay so you should be able to highlight a word, press select all, then delete it all. It might lag a bit, but knowing what phone would help.


I think I tried that and It doesn’t work


Okay… you might be able to highlight the last word then drag your finger up to highlight it all then delete.


Yeah that’s the sucky thing using the phones… lol that’s what I use for everything… and it’s hard sometimes


If all else fails maybe you can go to previous revisions, scroll all the way up, and revert to somewhere that’s managable to manually delete.


Okay,I’m on my laptop right now how to delete this ?


Select the lines you want to delete and then hit delete




No problem. Did it work?