Quick Poll - Spotlight vs. Regular


hi ! i’m currently writing a fantasy story that involves many characters using limelight, which has severely limited costuming options re: royalty and gowns. i was thinking initially of using the spotlight style, since it’s easier to hide the bottom of costumes as you don’t need to utilize full body animation, but am now thinking that perhaps the scene direction will be awkward. i know that when playing the choices app it can sometimes be slow or weird since all of the action is written instead of shown, and was wondering if anyone could help me decide. should i go with spotlight and try to make the actions as interesting as possible, or should i tough it out and get creative with regular directing?

( also, i have no idea if this is in the right section lol )


I think you should choose which one you think would benefit both readers and yourself the most.
Would I, as a reader gain more from spotlight with vivid description and imagination, or would seeing your story play out intrigue me more?

Spotlight has a limited fanbase so reads won’t potentially be as high as in the cinematic style.

I guess it depends on a few things, are you able to describe your story in enough detail and with gripping wording so that a reader doesn’t feel disappointed it’s in spotlight? Are you confident enough that, even with the limited clothing, you could make do with being able to provide a great story telling experience in cinematic? Which one do you feel you are more comfortable with using?

Limelight gets updated often so hopefully ballgowns e.t.c are released soon.



thank you so much for this reply! this is incredibly thoughtful and well worded and definitely helped me a lot. i think i’m going to go with cinematic directing, as i personally find it more interesting and think readers would as well!


I’m glad I helped! Good luck with writing your story, I’m a huge fantasy fan so I look forward to reading it when you’ve finished and released it :blush: If you ever need any help, just ask.


You can do both as well of course.

It might be helpful to do the trickier scenes in spotlight because less directing is involved and then after the contest and after there’s more gowns, you can go back and change it


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