Quick poll ❤


Hey guys! Here’s a quick fun poll!
Will you join my Magical outline contest?

  • Yesss of course!
  • Nope.

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Here’s the link if you wanna:


I do draw- but not digitally, and I’m not very comfortable with my work yet.


That’s fine! I suck a drawing on paper lol


I want to start but I’m just not good at it! Wish I was, but there are some great artiest on this site :slight_smile:


Haha, lol, you get me and you probably don’t suck!


That’s okay! I started out horrible, but I am pretty decent now! I just practiced and got better.




I’m hoping mine starts to :slight_smile:


It will! Just practice and you’ll get better :heart:


The way I think of it is that we all have different styles. None of us suck, or are bad- we start off good, and can only get better. Some people consider some styles better than others, but I think that we’re all good, just different. Anyway, I always love looking at art from contests here! You guys are soo creative! Thanks for creating this @IDONTKNOWREAL :revolving_hearts:


I love this! It’s a great way to look at it.


I agree. We are all good. Art is art for a reason. And no problem! :heart:


Thank you.