Quick question about using the name of a movie in my story

Can I use the name of a movie in my story? It’s going to just be said once.

I wanna say yes, as long as it’s not a driving factor in the plot, and the plot isn’t fanfiction of the movie in any way. Mentioning it in passing should be no different than a product, like “I like to eat Oreos.”

Idk if it actually dodges any legal repercussions, but I’ve seen people change the names of things so it’s an obvious reference but not the actual name. “Those two girls are creepy. They remind me of those twins in The Shimmering, by Keven Sting.”


If it’s once I believe it’s fine. I’ve seen references before in stories.

That wasn’t meant for you boo :rofl::rofl::rofl: ignore me


Okay thank you so much both of you @Scarlet_Sapphire and @TamiRose

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You’re welcome :wink:

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