Quick question about zooming!

Hi guys, I have a little (maybe a stupid) question. How do I totally zoom out on a background? like how can I fit the whole background in 1 screen?

I don’t think you can,

Hm, I’ve seen a few stories with this or at least most part of it zoomed out on…

I do this on an Apple phone so I don’t know if it’s different for Android or not. But…

  1. Hit Directing help
  2. Go to Zoom Helper
  3. Make sure you’re on the zoom tool. If you’re on the zoom tool, it will look like me screenshot.
  4. Swipe left until you have the desired minimum you want. Then switch to focus to get the screen where you want it.

I hope this helps!

I have an Iphone too! But won’t you get the black screen around it or will it fix itself?

You’ll get the black screen. The only other way I know to fix it is to make the background an overlay and adjust it then so you have the actual screen you want.

What exactly are you trying to do? Maybe I can help if I knew exactly?

Hmm, sounds difficult

Well… I would like to have the background ‘EXT. BEACH MOON - NIGHT’ fully zoomed out so I can place the charachter anywhere and start to slowly zoom on her

You can spot the character really small, then zoom on her?

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Yeah, that could be a posibility too! I just liked this whole background but if there’s no other way, I’ll try this :slight_smile:

Thank you guys!

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I think she’s right. If you don’t want the black around it, you’ll have to make her tinier and zoom. The parameters of that background are really weird, so even editing the background to make it smaller won’t work.

Thank you for trying to help me! I’ll find a way to make it look good.

:slight_smile: you’re all so helpful and sweet :open_mouth:


You’re very welcome! :heart: I hope you find a way to do the scene that makes you happy!

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Oh and do you guys know how to keep zooming while there’s a narrator?

Sorry, I didn’t see this til just now. But! To have the zoom going in the background, use the & symbol instead of @. So it would look like…

&zoom on 124 483 to 143% in 3 or whatever numbers you use.

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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