Quick question abt outfits

Are there custom outfits on episode Interactive or something because I love these outfits but I can’t find them.

If yes then how do you make them?

If no where do I find these cute outfits:


These aren’t available for us

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As cute as they are these aren’t anywhere to be found for stories :tired_face::tired_face:

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The shirt on the girl that have the angry face looking at the guy with ring n on figer, that shirt we have. Nothing else.


You can’t find them. They aren’t available for us :pensive:

Thank you all for your quick replies.
They are so awesome I wish they were available :tired_face:

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The girl is pointing to her figure, I used her clothes.

The Daily Lives Of Episode Writers Be Like :joy:

but I honestly wish we had them :sob:

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