Quick Question, Help?


Okay, so. I want my character to do an animation as she moves. It’s hard to explain. You know how some character fall as they cry and have a breakdown? I want my character to do that, but in a different way. Can anyone help me? Thank you. :slight_smile:


Which ummmmmmmmmmm style




Maybe you should ask someone who could code good maybe a community member because I use classic


Yeah, I’m waiting for one of them to answer back. :laughing:


What exactly do yoiu mean by a “breakdown”?


You know how some characters fall to the ground and do it while crying? I see it in a lot of stories and I want to do that as well. The best word I can phase it is a 'breakdown" :laughing:


Oh yeah is kinda simple do this. All you have to do is zoom to a character so you can’t really see their legs and spot them below the axis like this for example

&zoom in x y in s
@CHAR walk to spot x y z in s AND CHAR does it while [Cry animation]


Oh wow, :laughing: . I expected something totally different but this works too! Thank you! :slight_smile:


No problem happy to be an assistant :wink: