Quick question. I was wondering


I was wondering, can we film what we’re reading ?

I want to post a short video of my story on Insta and I remembered that we could take a video before.


Yep, press the three dots on the bottom right corner and then press record, once you’re done press on the three dots again then press stop recording.


Is this for Android only


The recording feature is exclusive to iOS devices due to the software differences. You can’t use the feature on Android devices, unfortunately.


I think it’s on both but idk


:sob: Aww man


Yeah, it’s too bad Android can’t record lol. Although a bit inconvenient, we can still use a recording app to record the game. I think there’s a recording option in the Google Play/Google Games app for Android but I’m not sure if it’s as efficient. There should be some better ones in the play store.


Lol, it is a bummer.

Do you know any?


I do not, but I think this list may be helpful in experimenting between them for the best one:


Ooh thank you!


Thank you Everyone.

I’ll manage.

@Sydney_H Can you close my sadness ? I mean the topic ?


If you have an iPhone you can always record your story that way. If you don’t want to record it from the app. You can just slide up the banner where the flashlight is and the record under the flashlight will record anything you do on your iPhone! And when you’re done recording it automatically saves to your photos! Just another option for recording!


I have a Samsung, I used an app the Avatar, I mean @Lemniscate showed me. Thanks anyway.


try Mobizen. Works great for me :slight_smile:


My favorite Otaku writer. Thank you.




Tokyo underground is fantastic.


omg you read it!
Thank you so much :slight_smile:



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: