Quick question... is ink dead?

hahah as lighthearted as this question is, i would love some genuine answers? obviously there are a ton of amazing stories being produced in ink, but i’m wondering if people are still into it? i’m in the works with a story right now, and i’m wondering how many would read it despite the ink style.

side question: what specifically draws you into reading a story? (cover, description title, etc.)


Ink WILL NEVER DIE, there are authors who still write in ink style.


Well, going back to your 1st question - I’d read the story no matter what style - if it’s good! I do prefer limelight, and not too long ago I couldn’t stand ink, but I found a story, super interesting description, and I decided to give it a try and put my likes and dislikes adise, and turns out, I’m quite a fan of ink too now! :woman_shrugging:t3: So write what you like!


I hope not:( I love ink stories.


I love ink! I couldn’t stand reading LL for the longest time, I do prefer LL now but I love me a good ink story.

Side question: Probably the cover. It’s the first thing you see after all :crazy_face:


No, it isn’t dead. People still write in the style and people still read in the style. For me, it’s all three, Title, cover, and description.


Bsolutely not! INK is still alive even if the app doesn’t update anymore,

I actually don’t mind reading both ink and LL stories but what drags me and hook me into reading a story is generally the plot and how it is executed, if a story has great potential but it’s poorly created or if it has too many grammar mistakes, I wouldn’t keep reading.
And just to be clear, it’s not the directing that makes a story, it’s a plus, if you’re a great coder , lucky you, but if use basic directing and have a super nice plot I’d still read it!

Cover, description and title could be catchy but I’ll need to judge it from the first chapter to decide if I’d keep reading or not. Many great authors don’t have nice covers but their stories are amazing

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Tbh in the beginning, I hated limelight with a passion. Idk something about it just made me so mad and would only read stories that were ink regardless if they were good or not. After a little while, I didn’t use episode much and after a year, I downloaded it again and pretty much all of the stories were in limelight so I started reading it and now I’m obsessed with limelight. Like the stories I use to read are still my favourite to this day like the teacher, chain reaction, apartment 143,etc. but honestly now I prefer limelight. I know some people still love ink but for me, I can’t connect with ink anymore even if it’s good so I stick with limelight.:woman_shrugging:t5:


Nahhhhhh gal, it ain’t! Just check out the numerous threads out there- many of them are still associated with ink. Yea, ik LL is super realistic and smooth, but still uhh/ I find ink quite more interesting and appealing when compared to limelight. Anyway, it’s the plot, cover and description that matter the most irrespective of the style of the story. I lowkey love hunting bad and the new girl omfg :sob:
This was all based on my own opinion and thoughts :purple_heart:

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I don’t think ink is dead, but I think it’s obvious it’s not as popular as limelight. There’s quite a few ink stories I love atm, that aren’t getting the reads I think they deserve. They have such impressive directing and intriguing plots… and enough episodes that they would be great binge reading material, yet less than 5k. And I can’t help but think that if they had a limelight version of it, they would get noticed so much easier.

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Im starting to get into limelight, its becoming a favorite of mine but Ink will always hold a special place in my heart

When Im looking for a story, the Cover gets me intrigued, then I see what the title is, but its the description that really pulls me in. Ive scrolled past stories that have awesome covers, cool titles but the description is really long, doesn’t leave me curious, or just isnt my style of a story.

Lots of people do like ink style, Most people prefer limelight though. If you want views on your story your best option is limelight! But I choose limelight because I do prefer the style of it and the new update on it makes it even better! (Lots of people stand by ink so if you do have the time do both!)

I personally don’t like INK stories because of the way the characters look. Everything else is fine to me, the characters’ appearances just really bug me. If a story that I REALLY like is in INK and the author hasn’t written it in any other style, then I’ll read it and stick with it, but it rarely happens that I find INK stories I like. I also think people are half-and-half when it comes to them, tbh. INK looks cute to some people, but I think there’s more outfits and better directing in the Limelight version. What draws me to a story is the description. It can have the worst cover imaginable, but if it has a well-written description, I’ll more than likely play it. BUT, if I do play the story and discover that there’s broken grammar, then I’m not going to play/read it.

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