Quick question: Outfit picking style

You know when you create an avatar on the app and it shows you the different possible outfits. Can you code that into your script? I know you can with avatar features but can you with the outfits. I saw it in a featured story once but I can’t remember which one. I was just wondering if it is possible. Thanks

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I know that within your script you can allow the reader to go to the avatar feature and let them use their avatar features/cc, but in terms of outfits im not sure, you could possibly create those outfits again in your story portal and then allow the readers to choose from them. sounds like a long process but if you really like one of the featured outfits for the avatar then why not recreate the same for your character from within the portal? :grin:
Nevertheless, It’d be cool if that was possible, im not sure, but if someone knows then that’d be great

Thanks! It would be great for a wardrobe style so people could scroll through many outfits like looking in a wardrobe.

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that’d definitely be great may be you should post this thread under the “suggestions” area for episode to look at! :relaxed: I would definitely support this idea


Definitely something worth checking the Feature Request section of the forums for :grin:

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