Quick Question please help ASAP

If I wanna publish a story, but I’ve only finished one episode can I do that? I know you’re supposed to have three completed before publishing, but I just recently read a story where there were only two episodes. Just wondering if this is possible.

No, it’s not possible. Episode requires 3 episodes for your story to be publishable.

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Its possible if you keep pressing enter until you hit line 500 for the 2nd and 3rd episodes. Baisiclly they will be blank so you must tell the readers in the first episode to not read the rest.:upside_down_face:

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oohhh okay! I guess you could do like pause for a beat for 500 lines lol

:joy::joy::joy: I once tried just clicking enter without filling the blank space and it worked when i published the story.

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But just FYI people can report stories that don’t have at least 50 lines of dialogue, so I would recommend doing the minimum three episode limit