Quick Question?!



Hey guys, is Episode Limelight the new wave? Or are you guys still writing stories in ink!
Bc, I actually like the way that ink characters look SO MUCH better than limelight.
ALSO don’t you guys think that you can see facial expressions so much better, more clearly, and more accurate on Ink?


ik some authors are writing in ink


I use ink and read ink only :sweat_smile: if you write always choose your favorite style and genre :upside_down_face:


I read both Ink and LL (prefer Ink though).
But if I start a story and I see the first character is in Classic, I leave that story instantly and never go back. To all the Classic Story Authors and Readers I am sorry. That is my opinion


I currently write in INK, but I actually really love some of the hair- and clothing options for LL. Can’t say that I’ll never write in LL even if INK is my favorite.



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