Quick Splashes anybody want!

Hey everyone!
I just started making splashes but they aren’t the best though.
If you don’t want any No problem just leave a comment about what do you think about them.
But if you do need one I’m ready to make.
I just need some information-
What type of background do you need?
The text that you want to have on it?
I’m new to this so I can’t make character ones now.
Here’s some examples-

I can make To be continued… ones as well.

Looks nice!


One that says episode 1
Make it a little childish
Like have kid buttons and rainbows


Do you have a certain date when you need it?

Umm. not really
But the sooner the better

Okay I’m gonna make it now.
Maybe it will take 30 minutes or so

Thx, I’ll make sure to tag you

I actually made two as I wasn’t sure what would you like-

1st one

2nd one

Hope you like it
If you want to change anything please let me know.