Quick Survey, It will only take a second!


Hey! I am doing a quick survey because I want to write a classic story, but I am also curious on everyone else’s opinion. If you could get the change to fill out this survey, it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

What genre do you usually read/ enjoy the most?

  • Romance
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Comedy
  • Action/ Adventure
  • Thriller/ Horror

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Would you be open to reading a story in classic style/ Have you read classic stories before?

  • Yes
  • No

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Have you read any of the stories listed below? If not I highly recommend!

  • The Dare
  • Until Death Do Us Part
  • Tortuous
  • Being the New Girl (Classic)
  • Yes
  • No

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If you selected yes, did you enjoy the story/ stories?

  • Yes, I enjoyed it
  • No, didn’t like it
  • I never read any of them.

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I LOVE CLASSIC OMG :heart_eyes:


I love classic too! What other stories have you read?


Dripping Mascara :heart_eyes:

There seems to be a shortage of good Classic ones though :disappointed:


Yes I know! Thats why we need more good authors who write in classic. I wanted to do this poll to see how many people would actually want to read a story if I wrote in classic. Hopefully I’m no a bad author though!


Which of the stories have you read that are above?


I would totally read, and do anything I could to help you out :heartpulse::heartpulse:

I have read Being The New Girl.


I highly reccomend the other stories too! The dare is currently being revamped though, but its amazing!


If you’ve heard of Brenda, she is an extremely talented writer


Ooh yes! She wrote the bet, correct?


Yes! I loved the bet, pretty sure it hasn’t been up like two years though


It got reported :weary:


The first stories I read were all hers .I absolutely loved The Dare. What happened to her and her stories? :sob:


I know :roll_eyes: pretty annoying


I know! I miss her stories so much! I think she was working on wattpad and other stuff, she is so underrated though ever since ink and limelight became more popular.


She came out with a new story recently, but I’m not really into ink that much… I will probably try it out anyway just because its brenda


Did she get suspended or something because I can’t find her stories anymore. And there was one story that she re-wrote because she said that it was reported or something. I seriously don’t understand how they could do that. Like wtf?! Her stories were so good.


And like the views on her new story is only 1k while others had millions. Someone seriously ruined her ‘episode career’.


I relate to this so much rn!! Her account is hard to find, but I was able to find it through the dare. I also feel so bad, like her stories are getting reported so she’ll rewrite like 60 episodes or more, and end up losing all her reads just to get reported again! I agree with you and its so frusturating! If I were her, I would’ve lost my patience a long time ago. she’s been with episode for years, yet she isn’t even as recognized as she should be. It kinda bothers me that writers who aren’t even as good as her have more reads and get more followers, etc…


Also do you remember when she was writing with a guy too? Were they dating, and do you know if they broke up?