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omg same :weary:
Why do I act so weird sometimes tho??


I ask myself that everyday.

Weirdness chart :
Alone 100%
Best friends 50 to 100%
Friends 0 to 50%

People that you relate with triggered 100%


Drama. I spend hours looking for revenge themed stories. Like against a family or something. Any recommendations?


Dead 7 - Kayla Sloans
It’s very well written and directed, and incredibly funny
There are a lot of twists and revolves around revenge for a lot of the characters


Wow, sounds intriguing.


Thank you!


Yaaas, I’m back again with my Classic-Loving views. I really think you should make your story and I’m sure many people will enjoy it (aka me) :smile: I usually read Drama the most because it’s usually not solely focused on Romance and has other aspects to it that I love. I have read all the stories you listed and I absolutely loved them all :two_hearts: I’ma stop here, so that I don’t go on my typical ramble on how much I love Classic :sweat_smile:


Haha I agree w everything you said, I just wish I could hurry up and publish the stupid story already!


Same, I procrastinate writing so much, then get angry that nothing has been written, then wish that everything was magically written, then get mad at myself for not writing. I’m the worst :joy::expressionless:


ikr thats how I feel! I’m gonna go write rn.


Okay, good luck and I hope you get what you want done :smile: