Quick Survey ~ What kind of stories do the public want?


So I just created this thread to quickly see what the general audience is looking for in a story. I have a story that could be told either as a short story or a long one, and I want to see which type of story people would rather read, so pls vote! :kissing_heart:

  • Short story with lengthy chapters and moral ending
  • Long story with lots of chapters and twists and multiple endings

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I prefer long ones lol


I prefer long stories with one ending


Long stories


I like both of them, I think it depends on the stories and the genres. :slight_smile:


Both are good. It’s mainly just how the author chooses to pull it off. As long as the story is done well either way it shouldn’t matter.


same XD


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I can’t vote! I like them both :thinking:


In this case it’s for an action-comedy
Will that help??


Probably long for that genre then