Quid pro quo writing partner needed

What I have to offer is an endless flow of ideas and creativity that will inspire you if not overwhelm you with unused ideas. No strings…

What I need, is a writer, not an editor, but a writer who can take a bunch of scattered, but lightly structured stores, biographies and autobiographies combined, and sort it into a somewhat linear outline - enough to be edited…

I’m happy to go first and try my hand at any type of fiction you have going.

PS. I am new to the forum, so please advise if I am proceeding properly.



Hey, my name’s Tahra.
I would love to help you!
I understand the feeling of having story ideas in your head, but instead of writing them you just want to read them. I am also an experienced coder, so I can help with that as well.

What is a “coder”?

My stories are mostly a collection of biographical tales within a small niche - so apart from some creative embellishments - it’s nothing more than an autobiography of Edmund Wells the well known Dutch author who wrote Kristmas Karol with a K…

So, I’d be the one that’s asking for personal help – in the hope that my creative talents and ideas, as well as editorial ability, might pay my way. I’ve published many albums, and assisted on three films, one of which is on Amazon… so, I’d like to think I have a bit of crafty to offer, but I have no personal ambitions to write or record much more… it’s a brutal business.

Lemme know your thoughts, and again, what the heck is a coder?

Doh, I meant to sent a message not a post… but, harmless I guess… sorry

Umm, is this about episode? Is this an episode story?

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I’m looking for a co-writer/editor who might assist me on a solo project in exchange for assistance on their own projects. I’m not quote sure what a coder is, but after some reading up, I think I got it…

But no, I’m offering to assist, co-write, contribute, and help edit for another author in exchange for them doing the same for a project of mine that is not really fiction, but where I could use assistance as well.