Quistion? i need help please

ok so I got my character to come in from the right and onto the left screen but he just walked over all the way so now he’s in front of my other character is there a away to make walk to a specific spot?

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Use spot directing.

I don’t know how to do that I’m new to this kinda thing

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Press Directing Helper then press Spot Helper

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how do I get to a different side of the background?

Like to a different zone?
If the background has another zone you would do
@pan to zone #
@cut to zone #

do I use both of them?

yeah so if you want to go to another zone in the background you would use both
Just replace the # with the zone number

You can read more about spot direction here:

(the website has really wonderful guides)

For a cut or a pan, you can pick the one that suits your scene.

what would the left side of the background be? like what zone would it be?

ok thanks

left side is zone 1 (so starting from the left of the background, you’re in zone 1)

my bad I meant the right side?

Another thing!
When you start a scene, you don’t need to write:
@cut to zone 1
Because your scene will automatically take place in zone 1 unless you don’t allow it to (ex. by cutting to zone 2)
If you do cut to another zone like zone 2, and you want to go back to zone 1, you can either pan or cut to the zone, depending on what you wanna use.

The right side?
If you have a 3 zone background, the 3rd zone will be to the right.
Order (left to right) = zone 1, zone 2, zone 3
*some backgrounds will have only one zone, others two zones and other ones three zones. If you have a one zone background and cut to zone 2, the screen will be black. Episode even has some 4 zone backgrounds however you can only upload 1, 2 or 3 zone backgrounds.

so if I wanted to just start in zone 3 I would use cutting to zone 3 right?

If you want the scene to automatically take place in zone 3, then yes

@cut to zone 3
#place characters
#scene here

now I’m confused

What exactly are you confused about?

Also your thread is in the wrong category, it should be in Directing Helps and Tips in Creator’s Corner, not Art Resources.

my bad sorry