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So I have a character in my story, named Eli. He has to disguise himself as a woman and I wanted the readers to choose the disguise for him (face shape, hair, makeup and outfit). For that I created 2 extra characters - ELI ORIGINAL and ELI FEMALE in order to be able to switch between his original looks and his disguise as I want and not having the reader customize every time. This is how I worked:

#Customization template using ELI FEMALE
#Outfit template using ELI

So my issues here are:

  • I have an intro with him a the beginning of every episode. So after this episode, I put ELI ORIGINAL into the intro instead of the ‘normal’ ELI, so that he’s regular characters (without the disguise) would show up. But that’s not the case for some reason… Who shows up is ELI with his original outfit but with female face, hair and makeup…
  • I’m afraid that some ‘glitches’ may come up when the readers re-read this episode…

I tried to explain it as clear as I could :see_no_evil: I think it’s just a stupid thinking mistake or I’m just tired. Please if somebody could help me out! If you need to know more, please ask!

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that’s happening because you have @ELI ORIGINAL becomes ELI. if eli has makeup and stuff the eli original will have all of that too. if you don’t want Eli original to have the makeup and stuff and etc then you might want to make it so that eli original becomes eli before the disguise. you get what i’m saying?

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I undestand what you mean. But this command is before the disguise. That’s why it has me so confused :sweat_smile:

hmmm … so when did you start noticing this was an issue? are you playing it through on the portal or the app?

The app. I just wanted to record a sneak peek for Insta and noticed that. I wanted him to have the full disguise etc. so it looked better :sweat_smile:

could you post your script so i can see?

If you’ve already played through on your device to test this, I think it locks your character to stay/look that way. Like, if you CC your character, but then go back to the episode before the CC, your character will still have the changes you made to them during CC. Does that make sense?

You could use this feature

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I’ve done this type of coding a couple times now. From what I can tell, your coding seems to be correct- however there might be an error in the portal. Can you send a screenshot of your coding?

Also, for the record this is what I usually do in case it helps

#ELI is the MC 
#ELISAVE is the Saved OG details
#ELIFEMALESAVE is the Saved Female Details

#Enter ELI and CC the character ELI
@ELISAVE becomes ELI
#leave Eli on stage and CC again with ELI but for female details 

At this point, the two character “Saves” should have the details you want. If at any point you want ELI to look like them just use the command “@ELI becomes ELISAVE/ELIFEMALESAVE”

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Also, just noticed there is a space in your coding between “ELI” and “ORIGINAL” you don’t want to have a space in the portal. It should be all one word!

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names can have space I have it all the time and works just fine.:wink:

I get what you mean, that was exactly how I imagined it and wanted it to work. However the ELISAVE (how you refer to him) has the female features in the intro of next episode but still has his original outfit…
I guess I’ll just have to put the CC of both Elis at the beginning of next episode :sweat_smile:

Yeah, names with space worked fine for me :thinking:

Yeah, but I crated the 2 extra characters to not have the original one look like female… :sweat_smile:

This actually solved the issue in some way. Thank you :slight_smile: :sunflower:

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