Quote and edit!


So the other day I was having a weird conversation with someone and got this idea. So as yall know how to quote someone what you gotta do is quote their reply, edit it and then answer it.

For example -

Person 1 says Saasha is crazy.

Saasha quotes it , edits it to Saasha is amazing and replies with Aww really?

Now there are a few rules :

  1. Please don’t go off topic. :grin: Not unless you wanna get flagged.
  2. Please don’t edit someone’s replies to something offensive for them or anyone else.
  3. Feel free to PM me if you are confused and want to ask any question about the rules of the game!
  4. Please have fun lol. I don’t want to have too many rules. :joy::joy:

Lol. Have fun peeps. Sorry if such a game is already made coz if it is I have no idea about that.




oh my god lol great idea great




OMG you are supposed to be my mom lol!


Does this count as offended… Cuz I am. :sob::joy:


:joy: dead


Aww thanks mum


Baddyyyyyy :sob: that’s so great
Pushes baddyyyyyy in oven


You are? That is a good idea.


You are making me cry , baddyyyyyy :sob: I will take it


Aww thats so sweet+


Stop being rude to Aya, sister! :neutral_face:







Why thank you, dear :blush:


Aww, stop it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Aw you did? :joy::joy:


gAH, don’t steal my identity!!


Hehe. You are?


Hey it’s okay :wink::joy: