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On Instagram, you must be familiar with people posting:

Q.O.T.D (Quote Of The Day)

Q.U.O.T.D (Question Of The Day)

O.O.T.D. (Outfit Of The Day)

I don’t know if this should be episode-related or not, so feel free to change categories.

I created this thread to post daily a quote; for inspiration, a question; for a poll, and an outfit; for ideas.

I will start posting today!

Feel free to ask me to tag you every day or simply check out this thread!



Q.O.T.D (Quote Of The Day)

“The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart” - Helen Keller

Q.U.O.T.D (Question Of The Day)

Would you rather always eat the same meal or always watch the same movie?

  • Always Eat The Same Meal
  • Always See The Same Movie

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O.O.T.D (Outfit Of The Day)

Today is Wednesday, the middle of the week. It’s closer to the beginning, but still drives you towards the end. The outfit of the day is…


Dude that is so hard. Also can you tag me on everything? And are you the only that does the questions and stuff? @Miss_Moonlight also love the questions


I can accept others to help, and yes i’ll Tag you!


Is this dead?


I guess lol




I always like bringing random threads from the Dead LOL…

Quote Of The Day

“Success doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to work less and treat people like shit.” ~ Jennifer Lawrence

Question Of The Day

Would you rather have success, moral values OR failure be your teacher?

  • Success
  • Moral Values
  • Failure

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Outfit Of The Day

Terrific Tuesdays





O.O.T.D (Outfit Of The Day)

Modern Assassin’s Outfit!